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Published on: May 30, 2007

Except for some activities at deviantART was I not successful after over one year of searching to find much (if any) other blogs that are related to the old ANSI and ASCII underground artscene.

Fellow artists who created ASCII art for group NFO files, File_ID.diz or ANSI art for BBS Layouts and Login pictures and logos back in the early to mid 1990’s.

It’s sad and frustrating. The lack of community makes me spin off with my blog into other subjects, such as deviantART, Wikipedia and Cirque Du Soleil (or Internet Marketing and in a few cases about video games). I also was writing about internet video and music. Nice stuff, but not text art related.

I recenty created a new “Demoscene and Text Art Community” over at BUMPzee!

BUMPzee! is a blogger community / feed reader / networking site with some Digg features. I added another blog to the community, which I found at Blogspot, but that blog does not see much activity anymore either.

Where are you guys (and few girls) of the text art scene, demo scene and BBS warez scene? Nobody blogging? Nobody writing about things that were forgotten by most people and never learned by todays youth? Come on over and contact me and join the community.

Carsten aka Roy/SAC

  1. viznut says:

    As for demoscene blogs, it is actually relatively easy to find them (for starters, try the livejournal community called “demoscene”). However, most of the on-line social activity happens on demoscene-specific IRC channels and websites nowadays, and blogging isn’t that commonplace.

  2. Hey Viznut thanks for the comment. I used to spend a lot time on IRC in the past, but the problem with the IRC is that it is most of the time more of a chitchat rather than a good conversation.

    I did not keep log of any of the chats from back in the days and also do not miss them. What I do miss is some of the good quality content from text files, emags etc. Jason Scott over at the textfiles archive did a great job collecting this kind of stuff, but a lot seems to be lost.

    I am always happy if I find an old gem buried on an old CD with content, originally stored on floppy disk, then transferred to QIC-80 tape and then to CD :)

    Blogs are a good medium to create, publish and discuss lasting and meaningful content and information.

    Thanks for the tip with Livejournal. I will have to check it out. Its not as easy to go to demoparties anymore either.

    I miss “The Party” in Denmark, which I attended numerous times when I was still in Europe. I never made it to Assembly in Finland, unfortunately. That would have been different, if I would still be living in Europe.

  3. Shockwav3 says:

    You could always try the bbs or oneliner. Sure it’s not exactly the ansi/ascii/bbs/warez scene, but a few people who frequent the site might have links to those scenes.

    Anyways, keep up the good work, it’s really entertaining and interesting to read up on this all, as I pretty much missed the whole bbs scene thing.

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