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Date : May 2014


RTN & Sidekiq Pro Art Requests

Categories: ANSI / ASCII, TEXT ART
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Published on: May 22, 2014
Hi There Folks, Carsten aka Roy/SAC speaking again. This time about Text Art (yeah, can you actually believe it? hehe). It has been ages.. or well at least 2-3 years that I fulfilled any art requests, but yeah, believe it or not, I actually managed to finish two requests for ASCII art, which I both received via PM at DeviantArt. The first one was a complete NFO file design for a group called “Reverse The Noob”, short RTN. Never heard of the group before, so no clue what kind of stuff they release. I decided to go with a Newskool ASCII design (I did that for both ASCII requests actually). Next to the logo I also created the NFO file body for the release information and member lists etc. The second request was somewhat commercial in nature, although I myself did not get paid for this (that’s a principle of mine, remember?*). It’s for a developer tool called “Sidekiq Pro“. Here is what the web site for the tool has to say about itself: Sidekiq Pro is a collection of useful functionality for the open source Sidekiq library. The tools costs $75 per year (subscription model). There you have it. * Note: I wanted to clarify this statement a bit more. Yes, I don’t do art for hire (getting paid to do it), however, I do accept and appreciate voluntary donations to support “the cause” and to help paying the site hosting fees etc. One does not have to do[…]
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