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Date : March 2007


Affiliate Genocide – SEJ Post 3-3-2007 – Comments

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Published on: March 5, 2007

I know that this post is a bit off topic and I promise that it will not be like it was between May and July 2006. I made a post at Search Engine Journal yesterday that causes quite some misunderstanding and a discussion that did not have much to do with the original post. That lead to an edit of the post which is available here and includes an Edit Note that points to the original post and comments at my family website.You can find the original post and comments here.The family site does not allow any comments so I post this article here at my Roy/SAC blog for the purpose of providing the ability to have people comment or ask questions to go deeper into the subject.So feel free to add your comments regarding the original post and comments that are about the issue with Nazi-Germany and the Holocaust here. If your comment is about the issue with Google, nofollow and Affiliate Marketing, please comment at the current post at Search Engine Journal. Thanks.

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