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Date : March 2014


TheDraw Fonts Collection Revamp and Extension

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Published on: March 28, 2014
Hello Chaps, I already added the Fonts collection for the ANSI Text Editor “TheDraw” back in 2010. Back then I already thought that it would be nice to provide the information for each font, which characters each font supports and to provide a preview to get a good idea how each font looks like. When I launched the collection only a few fonts had this information available and then my site went black for about 2 years and that was that. Well with the re-launch of my site, many of my collections became under scrutiny, I remodeled the navigation and started using JQuery scripts for state of the art overlay effects and dynamic interactions. When I was looking at the Fonts collection for TheDraw, I remembered my original intention and ideas and decided to finally realize it reality. As of now, I show for every font in my collection the available characters. It’s shown in the listings and enlarged for better visibility if you hover with the mouse of a set (see screen shot). While I was at it, I also updated my already existing 2 ANSI and 2 ASCII Fonts as well as 6 fonts by other folks where I added missing characters etc. I created myself 5 entirely new ANSI (colored) fonts to expand my collection. Here are some previews of them. Also shown some of the other updated/extended fonts. LSTSOULS.TDF.ZIP ONKELZ.TDF.ZIP ROYFIVER.TDF.ZIP ROYFOUR.TDF.ZIP ROY-OLDS.TDF.ZIP ROYAFNT1.TDF.ZIP ROYFNT2.TDF.ZIP ROYAFNT1.TDF.ZIP ROYAFNT2.TDF.ZIP DONNOW.TDF.ZIP CODER.TDF.ZIP SPACELNK.TDF.ZIP   Instead of just bulk and[…]
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