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Date : April 2008


Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil – ‘Believe’

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Published on: April 19, 2008

Just two days ago Criss Angel announced the official name for his new show, a partnership project with Cirque du Soleil. The show will premiere on September 12, 2008 at the Luxor hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The name of the show will be “Believe”. Watch the video of Criss Angel where he annouces the title of the show and why he choose this title below. Backup URL to Video on youtube ( link to video at Also announced was the contest “See It to Believe It!“, which is free to enter for anybody, running from April 17th to June 14th, 2008. The Grand Prize includes: Round trip economy airfare for two; 2 premium seats to the Gala Premiere of Believe on September 12, 2008; 2 nights in a Pyramid Spa Suite at the Luxor; The opportunity to meet Criss Angel in person; Access to the private premiere after-party; US $ 500 cash spending money. Visit for show details and to enter the contest. About “Believe”CRISS ANGEL Believe??? will be a haunting exploration deep inside the inventive mind of mystifier Criss Angel as he hovers between the land of the living and a surreal world uniquely woven together by the distinctive imaginations of Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil. Unlike traditional magic-themed shows, CRISS ANGEL Believe??? transcends any preconceived notion of what it means to be emotionally engaged by the arts of mysticism and illusion. Imagine a fantasy, an allegory, a highly theatrical tableau of mood,[…]


Cirque du Soleil’s KA Extreme and Delirium Videos

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Published on: April 15, 2008

I finally got around to work with the last of the Cirque du Soleil documentary/making of DVD’s, “KA Extreme“. I got almost 10 minutes of show footage out of it, about as much as I got out of “Lovesick”, the DVD to Zumanity, a bit more than I got out of the Kooza DVD “A thrilling ride through Kooza”, but a lot less than from “Flow”, the “O” tribute and “The mystery of Mystere” where I was able to get 20 or even close to 30 minutes of actual show footage out of the DVDs. The audio for this video was taken mostly from the official soundtrack of “KA”, which is like the DVD “KA Extreme“, available at the Cirque du Soleil stores online and offline. Backup link to video at YouTube. While the following video for the Cirque du Soleil arena show “Delirium” is not based on a DVD (because there is none), so is it still over 6 minutes in length and consists of various snippets of content that I found at various places on the internet. Some sources were official Cirque ones, others were not. Backup link to video at YouTube. That’s it, now I have to wait for new releases on DVD or other sources of quality video footage from Cirque du Soleil shows. Well, there are a few more shows coming this year, so I probably do not have to worry too much :). Btw. If you like the videos, but never watched a Cirque[…]


100 Pieces of Nude ASCII Art Available Now!

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Published on: April 7, 2008

Some quick, but exciting news. I introduced last summer my 30 Years of Naked ASCII Art gallery with 30 astonishing examples of text art that depict female nudity as motive for the pieces.I expanded the gallery significantely today. I added a whopping 70!!! additional pieces. The gallery is 100 pictures big, or 200, if you count that every picture is available in the gallery in two different versions, one with black font on white background and another with white font on black background.Here is how the selection screen looks like (image is a slightly scaled down version of the action selection screen due to space limitation at my blog)I was so excited that I also created a banner animation to promote the gallery. You can put it on your website as well, if you like to. Here is the code: Enjoy!Cheers Carsten aka Roy/SAC


Nobody will get killed at Affiliate Summit, WTF?

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Published on: April 6, 2008

I decided to make this post at my personal blog and not at or Search Engine Journal. This story is definitely not worth it and getting more people spending time on it than there already are does not help anybody or chances anything. I also “nofollowed” a bunch of links in the post to prevent that I pass any SEO value to those content, if this is only a dirty “link baiting” scam.I wanted to leave a comment at Shoemoney’s blog, but he disabled comments for some reasons. I wasn’t aware of the post and the discussions that surrounded it a few weeks ago, because I was busy with getting my two laptops up and running again.Let me take a step back and tell you about the background story of this a little bit. I was at Affiliate Summit West 2008 in Las Vegas in February and had a great time. There was obviously an incident at the ShareASale “Under the stars” party at the Palms hotel and casino that I was not aware of. I was at the party, but did not notice what was going there at one point in time, which had to do with the behavior of some of the guests at that party.There were some kids from an upstart company, including its CEO and co-founders, called Tatto Media (yes, only one “o”, it’s an intended typo) who had a few drinks too much and started sexual harass some of the women at the party,[…]

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