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ANSI/ASCII Converter Tool Version 1.05.00 Release

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Published on: July 12, 2014
It’s time for new releases and updates obviously so here comes another one, an update of my ANSI/ASCII converter tool, which allows you to convert via GUI or command line, single file or batch, the conversion of ASCII Text Files, like oldskool NFO files and ANSI and ANSI like files (such as Avatar, PCBoard, WildCat BBS 2.X/3.X or Text .BIN) to various other formats, including Image types (.GIF, .PNG, .JPG, .BMP, .ICO and more) and also to HTML Web or Video Formats (which is meant for the conversion of ANSI Animations), such as the popular for the WEB Flash format (.FLV), but also .WMV, .AVI, .MPG or even Animated Gif. Furthermore, Oldskool ASCII Text files from DOS can also be converted to modern Unicode format text files in UTF-8 or UTF-16 format. Okay, so much for the summary. The core functionality of the tool did not change much, more the handling and additional features were affected. ??   List of changes: Fixed problem if source ASCII used only LF instead of CRLF for line breaks. Shows Loading Screen, if started and files from previous session existed. If specific setting is clicked, only that setting will be enabled in settings screen (less confusing and easier to find). Settings irrelevant for current option don’t open settings dialog anymore. Ability to Pause or Abort running conversion batch. This option was also added to the Library, including events to handle, including: StatusChanged ProcessFinished ListItemRemoved Additional Properties Added: Status Cancelled (boolean) Additonal Methods: CancelProcessing[…]

TheDraw Fonts Collection Revamp and Extension

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Published on: March 28, 2014
Hello Chaps, I already added the Fonts collection for the ANSI Text Editor “TheDraw” back in 2010. Back then I already thought that it would be nice to provide the information for each font, which characters each font supports and to provide a preview to get a good idea how each font looks like. When I launched the collection only a few fonts had this information available and then my site went black for about 2 years and that was that. Well with the re-launch of my site, many of my collections became under scrutiny, I remodeled the navigation and started using JQuery scripts for state of the art overlay effects and dynamic interactions. When I was looking at the Fonts collection for TheDraw, I remembered my original intention and ideas and decided to finally realize it reality. As of now, I show for every font in my collection the available characters. It’s shown in the listings and enlarged for better visibility if you hover with the mouse of a set (see screen shot). While I was at it, I also updated my already existing 2 ANSI and 2 ASCII Fonts as well as 6 fonts by other folks where I added missing characters etc. I created myself 5 entirely new ANSI (colored) fonts to expand my collection. Here are some previews of them. Also shown some of the other updated/extended fonts. LSTSOULS.TDF.ZIP ONKELZ.TDF.ZIP ROYFIVER.TDF.ZIP ROYFOUR.TDF.ZIP ROY-OLDS.TDF.ZIP ROYAFNT1.TDF.ZIP ROYFNT2.TDF.ZIP ROYAFNT1.TDF.ZIP ROYAFNT2.TDF.ZIP DONNOW.TDF.ZIP CODER.TDF.ZIP SPACELNK.TDF.ZIP   Instead of just bulk and[…]

ASCII to Unicode Converter Suite 2.0B Released

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Published on: June 11, 2010

Welcome to a new installment of my ASCII to Unicode/HTML converter tool. I renamed it to ???Suite???, because there are actually three individual tools part of the whole package. Main focus is still the conversion of ???High-ASCII??? or ???Block ASCII??? art for the display on your web site, but it offers a few more things than that also. Release Notes A little toolset that converts MS DOS ASCII files, such as NFO???s or FILE_ID.DIZ text files (Code Page 437, USA and other) to HTML encoded Unicode (Output is still an ASCII file) that can be used to display the ASCII art, specifically the ???High ASCII??? or?? block ASCII art on a web site. You can also convert the ASCII files to real Unicode Text files for the use in Windows Apps. There are 3 different programs. ???batchconvert2.exe??? is the ASCII to Unicode converter with a simple step by step user interface (see the image, file name: ???Batch-ASCII2WebOrUniCode-Steps20.jpg??? in the sub-folder ???screenshots??? for illustration. ???batchconvert2cli.exe??? provides the same features as ???batchconvert2.exe??? but as an command-line tool for easy batch processing from a .BAT script etc. ???ASCIIConverterExtendedGUI1.exe??? is a new version of my tool with a more user friendly single screen user interface. This version also provides some new features not available in the other two programs. You can convert Unicode text files or HTML encoded Unicode ASCII to MS-DOS ASCII text files. See some screen shots of the interface in the ???screenshots??? sub folder. I decided to only include the .VBS[…]

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