What is Your Favorite Cirque du Soleil Show?

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Published on: May 25, 2009

I get this question again and again, especially at my YouTube channel CirqueDuSoleilGuru, which is focusing on Cirque du Soleil almost exclusively. Simple question, isn’t it? Or is it?

What is your answer to this question? Do you have favorite show? Have you seen more than one Cirque du Soleil show to be able to pick a favorite? Have you seen a Cirque du Soleil show at all or do you have no idea what I am talking about? If the latter is the case, go and check out my YouTube channel and also my Cirque du Soleil Primer Article.cirquefavshow2-710

I for my part cannot give a simple answer to this question. Which show I like the most, really depends?? on the mood I am in.?? To at least narrow down the list of 20+ shows to a manageable number, here are my general favorites:?? “KA“, playing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, “O” at the Bellagio, also in Las Vegas; and the touring show “Varekai“. I also like “Zumanity” at the New York, New York in Las Vegas a lot, so make it FOUR favorites, all right?!

  • KA” is the EPIC show
  • O” is the BEAUTYFUL show
  • Zumanity” is the “FRIVOL” show
  • Varekai” is FUNNY and has GREAT acts in it

If I would have to make a choice, because somebody puts a gun on my head or something like that, I’d pick “KA“.

I have seen each of the shows above multiple times. The three Vegas Shows, twice each (life) and Varekai on DVD multiple times, but unfortunately never live yet. Varekai are at the wrong place on this planet at the moment.

I got a late start with Cirque in 2006 when they had left the country already. I’d like to see Varekai live though and hope that I will get a chance one day.

I have not seen “Wintuk“, “Believe“, “Zaia” or “Zed” so they might be contestants still hehe. I also have not seen the new show “OVO” yet, but from what I have heard is the show unlikely to be a contestant.

Learn more about:

KA Full Show Video(s) Buy Tickets
“O” 22 min Video Buy Tickets
Zumanity video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4 Buy Tickets
Varekai Video 1, Video 2 Check for Tickets

Note: Zumanity is the only Cirque du Soleil show where you have to be an adult (18+) to be able to watch the show, because of its sexual content.

So, now it’s your turn? What is your favorite? Leave a comment below and tell me! Thanks.

Cirque du Soleil Then and Now 1984-2009 from Carsten Cumbrowski on Vimeo.

Ovo Update! I took the 2004 “Then and Now” video from Cirque du Soleil’s Midnight Sun, which covered 11 Cirque du Soleil shows and extended it to cover the missing 10! shows as well (12 actually, if you include the mentioning of “Le Grand Tour” and “Fascination).

This extended introduction to the world of Cirque du Soleil covers the following shows:
Le Grand Tour, La Magie Continue, Cirque Reinvente, Nouvelle Experience, Fascination, Saltimbanco, Alegria, Mystere, “O”, Dralion, Quidam, Varekai, Zumanity, KA, Love, Corteo, Delirium, Kooza, Wintuk, Zaia, Zed, Believe and Ovo.

You can download this video in AVI format at http://www.mediafire.com/?w2x3m0zzno5

For more information about Cirque du Soleil and their productions, visit http://www.roysac.com/cirque


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

1 Comment
  1. L says:

    i have been following the cirque shows since 1996 with quidam. the following i have all seen in person..and here is how i rank them.
    1. Varekai
    2. Quidam
    3. Ovo
    4. Alegria
    5. La Nouba
    6. O
    7. Mystere
    8. Ka (all theatrical not much talent required)

    (only seen Corteo and Kooza on DVD they do not make the list)

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