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Published on: March 5, 2006

After the Schlock and desperation on Thursday night when I found out that my Lens about ASCII and ANSI Text Art was severely damaged and a lot of it’s content gone all whining did not help so I went off and was looking for something to do that would distract me and get my mind off the problem with Squidoo. I actually found a pretty nice distraction in form of a Website called which is dedicated to Artists and Art loving people who can use Deviant Art to publish their Art and interact in a virtual community via Forums, Comments and Personal Groups. Every Member has its own Homepage. The free Membership offers everything you need as Hobbyist. Memberships are interesting for the folks that want to sell their Art to interested Buyers. My Home Page at Deviant Art is here. You can Showcase your latest Art and favorites. You have a Personal Journal you can write and make public to visitors. Other Member can visit your Page and leave comments just to you, but also to your Journal entries and published pieces of Art. They offer much more and I can only recommend that you check it out.

I spent today several hours to rebuilt my ASCI & ANSI Text Art Lens at Squidoo. It is now all good and shiny again.Have a look here. My Lens-Rank improved too. I am now # 31 in the Art Category and # 263 across all Categories. I hope that this will not happen anytime soon again. I was lucky that I had most of the content somewhere else saved which made it not as hard as I initially thought to rebuilt it. See you at Deviant Art. Carsten a.k.a. Roy/SAC.

1 Comment
  1. Anonymous says:

    Impressive art and good luck with your site! /Daniel

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