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OSDM (Oldskool Demo Maker) Megatro Intro Pack 6 by Roy/SAC

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Release Date: August 14, 2010

Welcome to the SIXTH installment of my Megatro demos and intros pack collection. This Megatro release contains all my OSDM productions since the release of Megatro 5. A total of 15 productions are part of this pack, 12 longer and more complex multi-part demos and 3 release intros for RoySAC.com..

As usual, this release contains an interactive menu that I programmed in Pure Basic. I hope that I was able to improve it once more. This release is for Windows 32Bit/64Bit Operating Systems (XP/Vista/Windows 7). New is the first-time support of the Mouse, so you can now select productions using the mouse and/or the keyboard. I also liked the idea of multiple tunes in the menu and extended on that. There are now 12! tunes where one is automatically selected (randomly) during the Megatro start, but you can select individual tunes via the F1 to F12 keys afterwards.

Update October 3, 2010: There was a bug in the menu system which is fixed now. I replaced the original download files with the corrected ones.

In this Pack

Multi-Part Demos
01. Bloody Mary
02. Flames of Perfection
03. Zeitgeist
04. Nordlead (Zeitgeist 2)
05. Parallelohedron
06. Obtruded
07. War and Peace
08. Aerodynamics
09. Oh, Xee A Moron
10. Nu Pagadi
11. It's Summer (Let's Go Camping)
12. Darkness (Oh, U Xee A Moron 2?!)
Release Intros
13. ASCII 2 Unicode Converter 2 Release Intro
14. RoySAC.com Intro #20 Melancolie
15. RoySAC.com Intro #21 Asterix

ROYMEGATRO6.ZIP - Download the Megatro VI (11 MB ZIP)

Previous Megatro Releases: Megatro 5, Megatro 4, Megatro 3, Megatro 2, Megatro 1

Video Capture of the Menu System

Backup Link to video on YouTube.

Here is also the high resolution version of the Splash Image.

Credits for the further enhanced Megatro V Menu System:

  • Code: Roy/SAC
  • Graphics: Roy/SAC
  • List of Tunes:

    [F01] Adonato by Mr.Gamer
    [F02] Ampli 2007-07-11
    [F03] Arkanoid Rmx by Spoon
    [F04] Arnesune by d-zire
    [F05] Aurora Dawn by Seablue
    [F06] Back 2 the Roots by Animal
    [F07] Solex Oddity by Clawz
    [F08] Commodore Rules! by WOTW
    [F09] Synergy M-Demo by Kenet
    [F10] Dance with me by 4d2k2
    [F11] Echoing by NA
    [F12] Shortie 6 by Mr.Games

Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!