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OSDM (Oldskool Demo Maker) Megatro Intro Pack 5 by Roy/SAC

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Release Date: June 5, 2010

Welcome to the FIFTH installment of my Megatro demos and intros pack collection. This Megatro release contains all my OSDM productions since the release of Megatro 4. A total of 16 productions are part of this pack, 7 longer and more complex multi-part demos, 7 crack intros and 3 re-releases of older demos of mine, which were previously only available in windowed mode and now also in full-screen modus with this Megatro release..

Note to the build-in NFO file viewer: It's the second time that I use the entirely redone version of this feature. It is using the image capture of the original font set from MS DOS (including the original color) for maximum authenticity (versus the build-in "Terminal" font from Windows, as I used to in the previous version of my NFO-File viewer).

As usual, this release contains an interactive menu that I programmed in Pure Basic. I hope that I was able to improve it once more. This release is for Windows 32Bit/64Bit Operating Systems (XP/Vista/Windows 7)

In this Pack

Multi-Part Demos
01. Doomsday Afternoon V1.0
02. Doomsday Afternoon V2.0
03. Don't Panic
04. Revolution
05. Exploration
06. Pholygony
07. New World Order 2.0 Enh Beta*

* A remake of my demo, with various enhancements and more or less subtle changes to most of the demo parts. I hope you like my "upgrades" to this demo, which is one of my favorites.
Classic Demos
Note: The following demos are my very first multi-part demo productions using OSDM.
They were only available in Windowed mode before and are now available in full-screen mode for the first time with this Megatro release!

The Productions:

08. Oldskool (1st Demo)
09. Skull and Bones (2nd Demo)
10. Scheissfreundlich (4th Demo)
11. Dytec Cracktro 2
12. Dytec Cracktro 3
13. Dytec Cracktro 4
14. Dytec Cracktro 5
15. Dytec Cracktro 6
16. Dytec Cracktro 7

All Cracktros are for Dytec, even though Dytec isn't releasing anything anymore. Most of the cracktros could be changed easily to another group, so contact me, if you are in need and interested.

Roy-Megatro5.zip - Download the Megatro V (10 MB ZIP)

Previous Megatro Releases: Megatro 4, Megatro 3, Megatro 2, Megatro 1

Video Capture of the Menu System

Watch a video capture of the menu system of Megatro 5 at Vimeo.com.

Credits for the further enhanced Megatro V Menu System:

  • Code: Roy/SAC
  • 3D Routines: Epyx
  • Graphics: Roy/SAC
  • Music: 'Spoon' by Peric and Main Theme of the Amiga Game "First Samurai". The music is choosen at random at every new Megatro launch.

Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!