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For being an art group did SAC produce only a very small number of VGA logos for themselves. This demonstrates very nicely that SAC was more busy doing artwork for everybody else in the scene and less busy with self promoting itself.

Even the few pieces that do exist are not considered specifically good or high quality, compared to art created for other groups. The logos were often done in a hury for a "sactro" (the SAC into that was added to some of the art packs) or for other internal purposes.

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I am also sure that there are more SAC logos out there I don't know of yet. I just stumbled recently over two SAC logos by Kenet, I didn't have seen before. So if you come across a logo, which is missing in this gallery, please contact me. I would really appreciate that. Cheers! Roy/SAC.

SACLOGOS.ZIP - Download ALL pixel art files in this gallery in a single zip-file.

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