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Nu Pagadi by Roy/SAC

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  • Code: Peace/Testaware, Bobo and Epyx
  • Graphics, 3D and Design: Roy/SAC
  • Music: "I Love Prophecy" by Toxic Trancer/SAC

Additional Information

    Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!

  • Release Date: July 2010

Nu Pagadi (Nu Pogodi) is Russian and means "Na Warte" in German and "You Just Wait" in English. Its also the name of a popular Russian cartoon of a wolf and a bunny. The plot of the series follows the mischievous and artistic Wolf (Volk) trying to catch the Hare (Zayats), presumably with the intention to eat him.


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"I Love Prophecy" by Toxic Trancer

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