SAC - Superior Art Creations - The Intros - Part 1 of 4

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List of Cracktros

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SAC Intros 1
On this page you will find 27 Cracktros, BBStros and Invitros for: #Cracking4Newbies IRC Channel, Myth, Tross, Cryptic Slaughter BBS, Dynamic Technologies (Dytec/DTC), Vortex (VTX), Blizard (BLZ), Challenge of Reverse Engineering (CORE), Chemical Reaction (cRO), Demon (DMN), Lore, Oddity (ODT), Razor 1911 (RZR), Assault (ASL), Anxiety BBS, Black Jack BBS, Convention 96 (Party Invitation), Camelot FTP, Closed Society BBS and Dynasty (DNS) by the SAC coders Thamaker, Comrade, Dream Design, Ferrex, Grap and Hetero.

SAC Intros 2
On this page you will find 18 cracktros and BBStros for: Eclipse (ECL), Eiserne Front (EF) BBS, Genesis (GNS), Hybrid (HBD), Hoodlum (HLM), Kryn, LKCC, Paradigm (PDM), Phoenix (PNX) and Prestige (PST) by the SAC coder Hetero.

SAC Intros 3
On this page you will find 23 cracktros for Razor 1911 (RZR) by the SAC coder Hetero.

SAC Intros 4
On this page you will find 27 cracktros and BBStros for: TDU-Jam, The Lightforce (TLF), TMD, Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated (TRSI), Deviance (DEV), Hybrid (HBD), Ghostriders (GRS), Dynasty (DNS), Brent Spa BBS, Mysterious Worldz BBS, Energy (NRG), Myth, Souldrinker (SLD), Genesis (GNS) and Closed Society BBS by the SAC coders Hetero, KMX, Midfit, Matador, Neophyte, Spectrum and Synec and by the guest coder Z80.

Special Intros
The special cracktros are a mix of various kinds of cracktros. Some were finished but were never released in a SAC art package for (mostly) unknown reasons, others pre-date SAC, while others were never finished and remained in beta status, thus were never released to see the light of the day. A few intros are actually final versions that made it into SAC Packs, but I enhanced them a little bit (the captured video). Most of the time is it simply the sound that I added to an intro that had no music in its original version. I thought that it would be nice to publish those "almost made it into a SAC pack" production on my web site as well. :)

SACtros are the intros that were created specifically to accompany a new Superior Art Creations art pack release. Only 1/3 of all SAC artpacks had an intro included. Most of the 13 intros were released with the very first art packs. Except for one, do all packs during the first two years of SAC had an intro. This is unfortunate, but it is hard to create intros for creacking groups or bulletin boards, which were used over and over again and seen by many people and then find the time to do the same great job for an intro that is only being used once, for a single art pack. Okay, we did re-use an entire intro without code, graphics or music changes once, but that was an exception.

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General Note!
This is the complete list of SAC Intros/Cracktros/BBStros that were released in the SAC Art Packs between December 1994 and May 2007. Many intros were programmed for MS DOS and do not work under Windows 32/64 bit anymore. I was able to use a DOS emulator and capture most of the intros in video format that you will be able to see how they looked like. I provided links to download the original video as well as links to watch the video online at I also provided links to the intro resources, where I was able to rip them or where I had them available. This includes music used and graphics, like logos and fonts. There were several intros released by SAC members that were not included in SAC Art Packs releases. Those intros are not included in this list. Enjoy! Carsten Cumbrowski aka Roy/SAC (Superior Art Creations founder and leader 1994-2001)

All Executables from ALL SAC art packs can be downloaded as a 4 MB ZIP archive here.