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Oldskool VGA Pixel Art by Roy of SAC

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The small number of VGA graphics speak for themselves. I was never much of a pixel artist as much as I wanted to be one. May be it was the close friendship with the genius pixel artist "Dream Design", I don't know, but I never gained the confidence to seriously engage in this classic and popular art form.

Others said that I have the talent. I really appreciate that, but it did not change my personal opinion about myself and my abilities. I was never hiding art I created from anybody so here it is. My small collection of VGA pixel art. It also includes some examples of SVGA art, which is not 100% pixel art, because I used filters and plug-ins to get certain effects.

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A trained eye will be able to sort those pieces out and see them for what they are. I mentioned Dream Design earlier. To have a look at some of his great artwork, check out my blog post that I dedicated to him and his work.


Download ALL pixel art files in this gallery in a single zip-file.

Also download all Web graphics by Roy (no online galery available) in a one zip-file. Note that most of the pieces in the zip file were NOT released into public domain. You can use them under the limitations of fair use without problems though.

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