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OSDM (Oldskool Demo Maker) Megatro Intro Pack 2 by Roy/SAC

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I released a pack of all intros and demos that I created with OSDM since the release of my first Megatro pack in 2009. It includes 18 intros/demos and an interactive menu that I programmed in Pure Basic. I improved it since the first installment of my Megatro. This release is for Windows 32Bit/64Bit Operating Systems (XP/Vista/Windows 7)

In this Pack

Tweaked Intros (Original Version is available in previous Megatro)
01. RoySAC.com Intro #8 Lemmings
02. TOaO - The One and Only Cracktro #1
03. TRSI - Tristar and Red Sector Inc. Cracktro

New Intros
04. RoySAC.com Intro #16 1st 2010 (Turrican Intro)
05. RoySAC.com Intro #17 Cross
06. RoySAC.com Intro #18 Balls
07. RoySAC.com Intro #19 Starfall
08. Giana Sisters Intro
09. New Year 2010 Megademo - My Part
New Intros (continued...)
10. SACtro Intro Design
11. TOaO - The One and Only Cracktro #2

Multi-Part Demos
12. Oldskool
13. Skull and Bones
14. Smoke and Mirrors
15. Scheissfreundlich
16. Megademo
17. I Want Your Money
18. Dragon Fire

ROYMEGATRO2.ZIP - Download the Megatro II (10.6 MB ZIP)

Previous Megatro Releases: Megatro 1

Watch a video capture of the menu system of Megatro 2 at Vimeo.com.

Full Credits for the Pack Menu System:
  • Code and Graphics by Roy/SAC
  • Music: "Giana Highscore 2 Remix" by Ajx aka ajaxdemon 98

Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!