Text Art and BBS Scene related Merchandising

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ASCII & ANSI Text Art, BBS, Demoscene and Oldskool DOS related Merchandise

I own all of the products below myself and can recommend every single one of them to anybody who was either part of it in those days or who simply wants to know what the "geeks" were doing before the realm of the Internet when they still "owned" the computer.

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Pirates of the Bulletin Board System
Be Cool, be Elite, be a Pirate and have some fun hehe.
Mouse Pad: $9.95 , Mug: $12.48
Magnet (sml/lrg): $4.95/$6.95, Postcard: $2.49

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The deviantART ASCII and Ansi Versions are available as Mouse Pad, Magnet and Postcard. They are not available as a mug, but you can buy a set of 4 coasters for each of the two motives instead. A set of 4 coasters cost $20.25.