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Dragon Fire Multi-Part Demo by Roy/SAC

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  • Code: Peace and Epyx
  • Design, Scripting, Vector Object Design and Additional Graphics: Roy/SAC
  • Music: "Desert Dream Title & Part 3" by Laxity/Kefrens
  • Still Graphics:: Unknown
  • 3D Bobs Object Design: Synth

Additional Information

  • Release Date: January 2010

Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!

The cool music used for this production was taken from the legendary Commodore Amiga 500 demo "Desert Dream" by Kefrens, which won the demo competition at "The Gathering 1993" demo party in Norway. The demo is one of the best ever produced for the Amiga 500. My demo has also a theme like the original, but a different one. Mine is about dragons. I use a nice still image in the middle of my demo an unknown artist. I know that "Decker" on the Amiga created a pic with the same motive, but not this particular one. I checked my collection and could not find an references to reveal who pixeled it, when and why.

I also noted an oddity in OSDM with this demo. The font used for the first part looks different on Windows 7 than it does on Windows XP, even though the same effects were applied and the same images were used (same executable also). The video recording shows the one recorded on the Windows 7 64 bit.


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Vimeo.com Windowed Version   
YouTube.com Full-Screen Version ♫ Audio File (.MOD PT Format)
"Desert Dream Title" (original) by Laxity/Kefrens
   Windowed Version ♫ Audio File (.MOD PT Format)
"Desert Dream Title" (modified) by Laxity/Kefrens
   Full-Screen Version ♫ Audio File (.MOD PT Format)
"Desert Dream Part 3" (modified) by Laxity/Kefrens