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TRSI - Tristar and Red Sector Inc. Intro

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  • Code: Peace/Testaware
  • GFX: J.O.E./TRSI, Thorion/TRSI and Roy/SAC
  • Font: Angels Amiga
  • Vector Object: DNS Design
  • Music: "Just'n'Nightmare!" by Bass/TSL
  • Design and Direction: Roy/SAC

Additional Information

  • Release Date: September 2009

Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!

The logo animation is based on the legendary TRSI logo by J.O.E./TRSI which was used in many TRSI productions on the Commodore Amiga. The animated version of it was created by Thorion/TRSI for the Commodore Amiga demo "Time Zone", which was released by TRSI at the Arise Summer Conference in August 1992. I created the optimized frame animation out of it, which took some time too. I also did not create the red vector in the middle, behind the text. That one was created by D.N.S. Design for OSDM in 2007. The font is a modified version of the famous Angels Amiga cracktro font.

The music is a shortened version of the tune by Bass/Silents for the Commodore Amiga demo "Static Chaos" by No Soul Productions, a sub section of TSL Germany. There was no particular reason why I created this intro. TRSI is dead and does not release anything anymore as far as I know. Too bad. This intro could have been used as cracktro. :(.