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Roy/SAC OSDM Intro #17 - Cross

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  • Code: Peace/Testaware
  • Graphics and Design: Roy/SAC
  • 32x32 Pixels Font: Nick O Teen, ripped for OSDM by Semtex, DNS Design & Wildcop
  • Music: "Global Trash" by Jesper Kyd

Additional Information

  • Release Date: January 2010

Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!

The music for this intro was taken from the legendary Commodore Amiga demo "Hardwired" by The Silents (TSL) and Crionics, which was released at the Chrystal, Silents and Anarchy conference 1991, better known as "The Party 1" in Aars/Denmark between December 27 and 29, 1991. The demo won second place, but is regarded as the best demo of the party and one of the best demos for the Commodore Amiga 500 of all times.

Jeskper Kyd himself also became legendary and continued his success in his professional life as award winning composer of music for video cames, such as the "Hitman" and "Assassins Creed" series and others.

You might recognize the logo that I used for this intro. I used the black/white version of it as loader pic for previous productions. I created the logo already last year for the OSDM New Year 2010 Megademo, but decided to not use it there and to create new logos (more holiday themed ones). When I created this intro, I thought that the logo will actually fit nicely into it, so it now saw the day of light anyway. Better late than never, eh?!

The background is a frame animation based on an effect that I ripped from the promotional flash game called "Dragon Age Journeys" for the video game Dragon Age by Bioware and EA.

I used for the first time the OSDM Script "Cloning" feature combined with rotation, zoom and fading to get the final background effect.