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Smoke and Mirrors Demo by Roy/SAC

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  • Code: Peace/Testaware
  • Graphics and Design: Roy/SAC
  • Music: 1st track Unknown, 2nd track "Dots" by Bit Arts

Additional Information

  • Release Date: January 2010

Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!

This OSDM demo has more than 500 lines of OSDM script to manipulate the effects and direction of the show. It uses two different tunes and I don't know who the composer is for the first tune. It sounds line a tune by Zyx/Extensors, but this is only a guess.

I remember that this tune was used in a MS DOS PC production by Razor 1911 in 1992 or 1993 for their New Years intro, which I lost and been unable to find anywhere since I realized my loss. I have a vast collection of intros and cracktros, but that one I don't have anymore (it was destroyed when I was busted in 1998). It is also not listed on the official Razor 1911 homepage or other repositories like Defacto2.net. If you know what I am talking about and happen to have a copy, please send it to me. There are various options for how to send the file to me. Please check out my contact page for details. I appreciate it, thank you very much.

The second tune is from a TRSI Tristar and Red Sector Inc. cracktro on the PC and Amiga.

It's the first multi-parts demo where I used more than a single tune, but I did utilize more than one tune in an OSDM intro of mine before his demo. My multi-parts intro "Balls", a predecessor to my multi-parts demos, also uses two individual MOD tunes.

Smoke and Mirrors is my 3rd multipart demo created with OSDM. It has the most number of different parts of all my multi-part demos until today. 8 parts in total, if you count the two separate effect segments at the beginning as two individual parts, which were shown 3 times each in changing order like: E1, E2, E1, E2, E1, E2.

I also use two individual tunes instead of one, which results into hard "cuts" when I switch between them. However, I hope that my timing of those cuts made them not sound too bad at the end.

The majority of the 500 lines of script code is due to the fact that OSDM Script does not support user variables and the check of the values of them and also the lack of a command to check the alpha-transparency value of an object. I hope that future OSDM versions will support those features, which would provide additional possibilities and cut down the size of script code necessary to do what you want it to do significantly.


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Tennis.mod by Unknown
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