OSDM Intros by Roy/SAC

TOaO - The One and Only Cracktro 1

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  • Code: Peace/Testaware
  • Logo: Roy/SAC
  • Background Picture(s): Dream Design/SAC
  • Font: Amiga Game "Gods"
  • Design: Roy/SAC
  • Music: "Wezch go n wada 2" by Paso/Dytec

Additional Information

  • Release Date: October 2009/January 2010

Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!

The One and Only is an apps release group that was founded many years ago (1992 or even earlier than that) by a guy with the handle "Gumbo" (former Sysop of the Alternate Node BBS in Trenton, New Jersey) and his buddy and co-sysop "Shark". I became a member of TOaO some time in 1993 and created some ASCII artwork for the group and an ANSI for Gumbo's BBS. I also became co-sysop of Alternate Node, which increased my urge to start my own BBS, what I eventually did in 1994. My BBS became the European HQ of TOaO when I launched it. "Gumbo" and "Shark" retired from the scene sometime in 1994 and they gave me permission to continue with TOaO and release apps, but from that point on, mostly German language ones. My BBS became the WHQ and I hired some additional members. TOaO is not and never was big. I am not involved in the current revival of the group, but was asked for an Intro design.

The theme of the intro is obvious. It has some sex-appeal. I did choose it, because of the double meaning of "The One and Only". I did not have to dig deep for the music or the background design, because the "U.D.O (Unsere Doofen Ossis)" dentro "Vaginal Massacre", which beat the Masque/TRSI production "Misery Dentro 2" to 1st place at the at Scoopex's CeBit'1993 demoparty held in Hannover/Germany in March 1993. There was a sequel planned at one point, Dream Design already did the main picture graphics and Paso even the new and great tune for it, but Paso the lazy bastard never sat down to code the freakin' thing so the graphics and music was never used anywhere. What a waste. Well, it fit perfectly into my cracktro design and "sexy" theme hehe.

Update Note: I tweaked the cracktro in January 2010, replaced the font with a better and cleaner version. Cleaned up some of the used images and completely overhauled the start segment of the intro to make it more exciting. I also changed the "falling hearts" effect in the hope that you will like it even more than the original version. I still kept the video capture and Windows executables of the original version available for viewing and downloading for comparison.