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Date : December 25, 2008


INC Rules! Flame War ANSI Animation from 1992

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Published on: December 25, 2008

Okay, I changed my mind. I wrote yesterday that it will be my last post during the holidays and here I am now, writing another post hehe. I did in the past already some sound-overs for ANSI animations, which come by default without any sound effects or music. I posted one of them with my post about ANSI animation, the Korova Milkbar ANSImation by Blade Runner/ACiD (Ansi Creators in Demand) . I didn’t write a post about the other, but I also did a sound update of the ANSImation “The Bog” by Tracer and Jed of ACiD. Since I did not post about it, I also included it in this post further down. For the Korova Milkbar video I even recorded my own voice for the spoken dialogs (something that I didn’t do really for the others. The “The Bog” video has voice-overs, but heavily distorted, making my voice unrecognizable. The ANSI animation that I just dug up recently is titled “INC Rules!” (“rulez” in “leet-speak” hehe). It is long, very long for this type of stuff, over 1 minute. The ANSI animation (ANSImation) was created by Amroth/iCE (Insane Creators Enterprise) for the pirate (Warez) game release group INC (International Network of Crackers) on the MS DOS PC in 1992. INC had some “Flame War” going with its rival FLT, Fairlight, which is the subject of this ANSI animation. As I mentioned already, the original ANSI animation had no sound whatsoever. I added foley (sound) effects and the background ambience[…]

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