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Date : April 24, 2006


Playing Around with Google Pages

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Published on: April 24, 2006

I got finally an Invitation to create an account at Google’s new Service (still in beta) called “Google Pages” or “Google Page Creator”.I tried to create an account there already a while back, but as always, they had not enough server resources available to handle the amount of traffic, because of interest in the new services by a lot of people and disabled the creation of new accounts on the same day they announced it to the public.My First PagesMy first impression was very positive, but I realized quickly, why the service is still in beta. It has still a lot of minor to severe flaws and some features require a lot more tweaking and improving before they should release the service from beta and make it available to the general public.You can have a look at my Test Pages here. No IFrames allowedI noticed that even if you modify the HTML Code of the pages directly, that certain things are not allowed and “stripped” out of the page when you publish it, such as Amazon Ads which use JavaScript and IFrames . I assume that the IFrames are the problem and removed by Google Pages, because they are a possible security issue, if abused. The blocking of IFrames prevents the possible abuse of the Google Pages service by fraudsters that may try to do things like installing malicious software on the visitors machine. This is one of the notorious misuses of IFrames . No External JavaScript / No Google[…]

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