List of Art Galleries

Welcome to the art galleries here at

The galleries include not only my own artwork or the work of my fellow Superior Art Creations members, but also ASCII, ANSI and pixel art by various other artists. I hope you enjoy the art. If you would like to learn more about this unique art form, which could be summarized as text art (this excludes pixel art), check out my ASCII Art Academy. The academy contains articles about the history and styles of text art and tuturials to learn how this type of art is created.
Roy/SAC Art Galleries
The following six art galleries contain my personal artwork. Note that I released all my artwork into the public domain, which means that you are free to use any of it for your own purposes without the need to ask me for permission or to pay me any money for it.

The best of gallery contains ANSI and ASCII art only. All the pieces listed there can also be found in my ASCII and ANSI art galleries. The determination of what piece is part of my "Best Of", was done by myself and not via any rating or ranking system. You could also consider it my personal favorites.

I also split up my artwork between pieces that were released during my time in SAC in the various SAC art packs and artwork that I created prior to SAC and stuff that never made it into a pack for various reasons. I did the split for the ASCII and ANSI galleries.
Superior Art Creations Art Galleries
The following galleries include artwork created by member of the underground art scene group called SAC, which stands for Superior Art Creations.

I co-founded the group in late 1994 and lead it until 1999. SAC continues to release art to this day, but very irregulary.

Note: Keep in mind that other SAC members did not release their art into the public domain. The copyright of each piece remains with his respected owner.
ANSI and ASCII Artwork Created by Others
The following art galleries contain work by various artists from all over the world. Some of the art work was actually created as far back as the 1970s, not on PCs, but on Teletype machines.

My ASCII Nudes Collection - 30 Years of "Naked" ASCII Art showing nude girls created by-hand by various different artists. A "boss key" feature is available too, which is interesting by itself, showing additional examples of great ASCII art without nudity.

Note: Keep in mind that other artists did not release their art into the public domain. The copyright of each piece remains with his respected owner.
Special Galleries and Collections
Explore special galleries and collections, only indirectly related to text art.

I also highly recommend visiting my ASCII Art Academy where you can find Articles to ASCII art, Text Art History, Tutorials and more to learn more about this special and unique visual arts.