- Editorial Note

Dear Visitor,

A personal message by the website owner and editor to the visitors of and the

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope that you will find the provided content interesting, useful and/or entertaining. I also link to other sites on the internet. I would like to clarify what this site links and refers to, why and how.

I link to a resource only if I honestly believe that it is a valuable resource that will be useful and beneficial to you, the visitor of this website. I make the decision about whether to link to a specific resource or content based on its relevance and quality. I try to be as objective as possible but also link to stuff just for fun or to support somebody elses website that provides related content (meaning that I don't link to adult entertainment sites, only because a friend runs a XXX movie studio, but to site by other sysops, artists and scene members, if they have a site that is related to their past activities in the "scene").

If you disagree or object pages or sites I refer to, please contact me and let me know. Please provide rational reasons and explanations for your opinion and we can discuss the disagreement or I will remove/add a link as you suggested right away.

In most cases I do add the resource first without any "affiliate link" and then check whether a referral program is available (if I decide to look around for one). I sign up for the program if there is one available. Then I replace the direct link to the resource with an affiliate link. The point is, the value of the resource is more important to me than simply seeking out affiliate links. In simple words:

I add affiliate links to content and not content to affiliate links.
That actually explains everything there is to explain in one short sentence.

Some of the links on my site are affiliate links. I also display "sponsored links" which are provided by Google (Google Adsense). I cannot control every ad, especially those of Google AdSense. This means that ads which run here do not have my explicit vote of approval.

In contradiction to the sponsored links provided by Google AdSense and similar services do affiliate links have my personal approval and the same rules are being applied as I outlined above.

What are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are "coded" urls and will write a cookie on your computer (if you don't block it) that will remember that you came to the other website via a link on my website. I will receive a commission (be compensated/benefit from) if you decide to sign up for some of the listed services or purchase some of the mentioned products (if the tracking cookie is still intact).

As a matter of fact, most links on the site are not affiliate links.

I am telling you this because I would like you to know that the fact that a link is an affiliate link does not affect my opinion about the resource and is not the reason why I link to it from my website. I use affiliate links as the means to monetize the content of to a limited extend. I do that to pay for the cost this website produces (nothing is free) and because I am an internet marketer who does not leave money on the table for wrong ideals and principles that are detached from the current world reality. This world is a capitalist world and not the world of Star Trek (yet).

If you are a normal visitor who is just interested in the stuff I put online, this note must look very strange to you. Never mind and forget it, if this is the case.

There are some folks out there who believe that affiliate marketing is the devil and that righteous people are unable to use affiliate links in a positive way. They get enraged if affiliate links are not labeled as such and scream "sell out" and "deception" without spending the time to find out if this is actually the case or not. This note is primarily targeted at those folks to make them happy (feeling better?).

Carsten aka Roy/SAC