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Here are old ASCIIs of mine from a time when the Roy was still without the suffix "/SAC" and ASCII art which I did during my time at SAC, but which never got released with any of the SAC art packages for any reason.

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The stuff has not the same quality than my main ASCII art gallery, but some of the stuff is actually not that bad. Everybody had to get started and learn the skills necessary to produce some decent ASCII art. It's like with creating sculptures. Even if you are a genius and gifted artist, is it necessary to learn how to work with chisels and hammer. You also have to get to know the characteristics of the material you are using and how you can use specific "good" or "bad" properties to your advantage. This requires experience and time. Same concept.

Also see the Early Days Gallery of my ANSI Art.

ROY_EARLYASCII.ZIP - Download ALL ASCII files in this gallery in a single zip-file.

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