Tools written by Roy/SAC

Free Scene Related Tools Written by me

Here are a bunch of utilities that were programmed by me, Carsten Cumbrowski aka Roy/SAC. I only put tools online where I thought that they might be of good use for other people. Many of them are scene related in one way or another. They are all free to use and distribute and in many cases the source code is also included.

I used different programming languages for the various tools, ranging from VB.NET over VBScript, HTA, Classic ASP to plain and old fashioned MS-DOS Batch scripts.

ANSI/ASCII Converter

Converter for ANSI & ASCII text files to HTML, Unicode, Bitmap and various specialty formats like PCBoard @ Sequences, ANSI/ASCII BIN (Binary) or Unicode Text Format.

Vector Object Tool (VOBJ) for Oldskool Demomaker

A Win32 Class Library and Tool for Vector Object Files (.VOBJ Meshes) and Vector Ball Object Files (.OBJ, 3DBall/Bobs) used for the free Oldskool Demomaker (OSDM) Tool by Testaware and the also Free FXLib Effects Library (for PureBasic) by Epyx. The library lets you create, load, export, manipulate and adjust new or existing vector objects for OSDM or even for other projects. It is essentially a full blown 3D Library and requires Direct3D 9 and DirectX (DLL's included with Installer), if you want to use the render features of the DLL Assembly Library. The LIB also supports the import of other mesh formats to VOBJ format and export of VOBJ meshes to other 3D formats.

ASCII to WEB/Utf Conversion Scripts

Converter for ASCII text files to HTML Encoded Unicode or plain UTF-8 or UTF-16 Unicode Text, with lite ASP 3.0 and Coldfusion versions for on the fly conversion of ASCII to HTML for use on web sites.

DeDupe Files

Deal with duplicate files across sub-folders using hashes instead of just file name and/or change date etc. Tool has an interface version and a command line version as well.

FileType Detector

Tool that tries to determine the type of binary file based on defined binary signatures.

VBScript or HTA to Win32 EXEcutable

Tool to create a Windows 32bit Executable from VBS or HTA Script files. Supports Cscript batch or Wscript dialog execution, HTA Interfaces and custom ICON integration in output EXE File.

Cracktro Text Edit Tool

Tool that allows the creation and edit of cracktro text for page-texts or scollers. Flexible config options for easy re-use with existing pre-compiled release intro templates

Process Scene Releases

A Batch Script to Package a Release for the Scene the correct way, meaning pre-packing with RAR (split if necessary) to then ZIP these while adding file_id, nfo and opt. Intro to the archive.

VBScript & Classic ASP Syntax Checker

A command line syntax checker tool for VBScript and Classic ASP files based on the Syntax Check of the Windows Script Host (Wscript.exe)

TheDraw (.TDF) Fonts Tool

A Windows Tool to manage Fonts and Font Collections (.TDF Files) for the MS DOS ANSI Editor Tool TheDraw.

ATE - Ansi Text Editor

Ansi Text Art Editing Tool for Windows 32/64bit, like Pablodraw, ACiDDraw, TheDraw, TundraDraw, TetraDraw or AnsiDraw (Note: The currently available version is still an unstable Beta!)

.FNT Tool (Bitmap Font to .FNT Converter)

A small tool for programmers to convert Bitmaps of Monochrome fonts to .FNT Binary format. Included is also a .FNT file viewer as well as sample font images and .fnt files, such as MS DOS PC CP 437 Fonts 8x8 pixels, 8x16 pixels, several Commodore Amiage fonts and the Commodore 64 character sets 1 and 2