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Introduction to Superior Art Creations

SAC, standing for Superior Art Creations, is a "Scene" Art Group who's members created ASCII art, ANSI art commonly known as Text Art and VGA Pixel Art for other Groups, BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems) and FTP Sites.

	 .        ____ _         .
	 .   _____\ ____     ____.
	 :___|   |_\\_  \____|   :
   . |   _   |   _   |   _   | :::
  o  |   |   |_ _|   |   |___|_ _
   O |   |____// |   |   |   _//
  _ _|____   |   |   |   |   |
   \\_   |   |   |   |   |   | O
	 |   |   |   |   |   |   |  o
 ::: |   :   |   :   |   :   | . 
  ___|    ___|    ___|    ___|___
 _\  |___/   |___/   |___/ sCr! /_
  \\  sUPERiOR aRT cREATiONS   //

SAC Musicians created "MOD" and later also MP3 Music just as stand alone piece of Art or to be used in "Intros", "Demos" and other Tools and Programs. SAC "Coders" programmed BBS Ads, Cracktros and Intros using most of the time graphic and music created by fellow SAC Members.

SAC was founded in December of 1994 by six members: Dream Design, Kaethe, Raiser, Toxic Trancer, Hetero and me, Roy who was acting as the primary organizer of the group. The first Art-Pack was released the same month at "The Party" Demo Party in Herning/Denmark.

The offical SAC Homepage was at, but the site was shut down. I got the domain transfered to my name and registrar, and redirected it to this page on my site. This section of functions as preliminary official SAC homepage now, until a better solution is found.,, and also redirect to this page.

I wrote up a abreviated history of Superior Art Creations in a personal narative in January 2010 for my personal blog.

SAC Artwork and Releases

   ., ''``          .+aa+.
 /'`., ''     '\  ,\$$$$$$$$/.
F '  .,+aa+,.    Y $$$$$$$$$$$$   Arl
  `  //-\$$/-\L    Y$' '$$F` )$$
	l;   ;;   ;;   ;`Y*$$**$F`  ,a\/a.
	;$/a\$$/a\$;      `'+**+''  ,/$$$$$/
	 \$$$$$$/     j\+,. .,+a\$$$\+'``
	   `''`     ,d  $$F'`'Y$$$F`  ,+aa
 '+,.     __.,+a\    .d      Y$F  /&&&&&
	  ``\/$\, .,,+\$$8      ;$;  &&&&&&
		$$$$$ `$$$$$$$| F     $  ;&&&&&&
	 ;  `+*+'  |$$$$$$$F      $  |&&&&&|
  ,a\/+.     .+$$$$$$$F       |  &&&&&&:
,d$$$$$$$/a\   `'+*SSF  &#/a,._.,&&&&&&
/$$$$$$$F`              |&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
  `''`                :&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

The following pages are dedicated to artwork by Superior Art Creation members for SAC and to the SAC releases, mainly artpacks, but also other releases by the group. I will add more and more artwork and information about the group over time.

I already indicated what pages can be expected to become available in the near future. Also planned is an all-time member list and a more or less complete group history. I need to get back in touch (again) with Ferrex and Idiana who managed the group after 1999 until now to fill in some of the events that happened after I left the group in 2001.

All this was planned to be done much earlier. As a matter of fact, I was in contact with Idiana in spring 2006 and was kicking some ideas aroundw together with her. The whole thing was slowly dying, which was for a large degree my fault. I hope that I can make it up to everybody by providing as much information, artwork and releases by and about SAC as a group and the created art work as possible.

Carsten aka Roy/SAC


SAC Stuff / Art Packs and SAC Logos

The Galleries

The SAC Pack list shows all SAC art pack releases with File_ID.diz and link to the SAC.NFO file. I also added a description with details about what happened at the group to each pack release. It acts as SAC history for now, until a real history page is created.

More SAC

SAC Members
Flickr Collections

I created Flickr Collections and Sets for the complete collection of SAC Pixel art and ASCII/ANSI art (converted to images). Here are the links to those collections.

In addition are available for download all SAC Packs, SAC Tools and SAC PPE's.

All content from the main galleries above is also available as individual zip files at the Consolidated Packs section of my Downloads page.

For some interesting statistics and figures about the SAC art pack releases check out the following two blog posts of mine: Interesting SAC Art Pack Statistics and Interesting SAC Art Pack Statistics II from January 2009.

Many of the cracktros and bbstros created by SAC are also available in video format via my channel "SACReleases". I would like to move everything to my web site one day though. I am still working on that.

Art Packs
VGA Logos
ANSI Art Logos
ASCII Art Logos
SACtros Videos
SAC Cracktros
SAC Music Disks  

SAC Musicdisks

Two musicdisks were released by SAC musicians (as far as I know).
Both musicdisks have an interface for Windows.
Below are the release details and download links.

I Miss You Amiga
Musician: Crome/SAC
Release Date: October 2004
Release Type: Musicdisk



Svenzzon's Chipdisc #1
Musician: Svenzzon/SAC
Release Date: November 2004
Release Type: Musicdisk


  SAC Art

Cracktros and Other Intros

Browse Cracktros

Video versions of all SAC cracktros and SaC pack release Sactros are availble now. Check out the new SAC Intros Page!

I am still working on it though, so please hang in there. You can also access video recordings of many SAC cracktros and more here at the special YouTube account that I created for this purpose.

The original executables for all the cracktros and sactros are available for download. See the links below. Most intros don't run properly or in other case not at all, on mondern Windows PCs without using special tools, like the DOSBox Microsoft DOS emulator or similar.

Additional Video Content
Hetero made most of his intros (for all groups) and also some intros by others available on YouTube as videos. Check it out!. The folks from Defacto2 did also put a bunch of videos that show oldskool cracktros up on YouTube. You can find the Defacto2 cracktro video collection here.


Download ALL Sactros (SAC Intros) that were created for SAC Pack releases in a single zip-file.

Download ALL Cracktros that were created by SAC and released via SAC art packs over the years in a single zip-file (4.7 MB).

For more consolidated packages in ZIP format, including SAC.NFOs and Roy/SAC art galleries, go to the Consolidated Packs section of my Downloads page.
If you are interested in cracktros in general, have a look at the PC cracktro archive at and also the cracktro scene archive at


SAC PPEs and Peanuts (PNS)

SAC had for a brief period of time between June 1995 and March 1996 a SAC PPE
section, which was specialized in programming tools (PPEs) for the then popular bulletin board system (BBS) software PCBoard by Clark Development Company.

I was a PPE coder too and wrote primarily PPEs for my own BBS, but always released the tools with documentation and source code to the public. The release of the original source code with the PPE was continued within the SAC PPE section.

In 1996 did we decide that it does not make much sense for a PPE section within SAC.

SAC is an art group with focus on creating ANSI art for bulletin boards, ASCII art logos and file_ids for warez group NFO and release FILE_ID.DIZ files as well as advertisements for boards (BBS) and sites (FTP servers) to be addded to the scene releases in zip file format that pass through them.

Notable PPEs

  • PNS-Who is Online by Monster
  • SAC Top UL/DL Stats by me (Roy)
  • SAC ULBY Editor Professional by Fox
  • PNS XTRA-Pager Page Sysop by Cosmic
  • AMI/PCB "W" by CyZ


Download ALL SAC/PNS PPEs in a single zip-file. Individual SAC PPE and Peanuts PCBoard relases are available for download here.

SAC also created VGA art and Music, which was often used for Cracktros and BBStros, BBS tools did just not fit into this mix.
The whole PPE section was removed from SAC to form an independent group that was specialized in PPEs. The new formed group was called Peanuts (short PNS). Only PPE coders like me who also did other things for SAC (e.g. ASCII/ANSI etc.) remained in SAC, the rest was removed from the group NFO file.


What is PPE?

PPE stands for PCBoard Programming Executable is a programs written in the proprietary PCBoard Script Language PPL (PCBoard Programming Language). PPE's could only be used for PCBoard (PCB) and no other BBS Software. PCBoard was very popular at the time and was used by over 90% of the Warez BBS Systems that were running on a PC. The Introduction of PPL in PCBoard Version 15.0 boosted the popularity of the until then fairly unknown BBS Software by Clark Development Company (CDC).

Up to this time did the PC (Warez) Scene not have a powerful BBS Software that could compete with the Amiga BBS Software Ami-Express (Short: Ami-X or simply /X). Almost all Warez BBS Systems running on Amigas used /X. The PC adaptation of /X called PC Express saw a brief period of widespread use but was soon replaced by PCBoard 15.x. Most ANSI and ASCII Art work for SAC/PNS PPE's were done by SAC ANSI/ASCII Artists which increased the popularity of the PPE's. They were not only usefull, but also looked good.

All SAC/PNS PPE's are available for download at my download page, where you can also find all SAC Scene Art Packs and a bunch of ANSI/ASCII Editors and Tools for good old DOS and also some for Windows. The Wikipedia articles about PPE is also pretty good.


The Inner Workings of SAC

SAC had a very loose Group Structure. Members worked mostly independent without getting any direction from the group leaders. Nobody got told what to do and what not. Every member decided himself which art requests he is willing to fulfill and which not. Seniority was achieved by simply being an active member for a specific period of time.

Exceptions were made occasionally for outstanding contributions to the Group. New members were accepted by voting of it's existing members and was never the decision of a singe person (regardless of the status of that member). All votes counted equal.

All Member Applications and the provided samples of the applicants Art Work was published in a designated Forum at the SAC World headquarter BBS and later also made available on the Internet at SAC's IRC Channel (#SAC at EFNet) when SAC extended beyond the Borders of Germany and could not expect from every member to call the Word headquarter over the telephone all the time.


Official SAC Homepage

The offical SAC Homepage was at, but the site was shut down. I got the domain transfered to my name and account and redirected it to this site. The SAC section here at functions as preliminary official SAC homepage now, until a better solution is found.,, and also redirect to this domain.