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VBScript & Classic ASP Syntax Checker 2.0

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If you write VBScript script tools or classic ASP web code then you probably know about the problem that you cannot really do a syntax check before you actually execute the code. I have not found an editor who helps you with this problem. Even MS Visual Studio isnt' helping you in this, they even discontinued the support of VBScript since Visual Studio 2008 altogether.

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What the Hell is This?

This is an experimental tool to perform a basic syntax check on VBScripts or classic ASP (Active Server Pages) source code files. It even recognizes to some extend ASP include files and VBScript includes, if you use a "function" or "sub" titled "include" and call it via Include "path\filename.vbs" to read and globally execute the other VBScript file.

The tool is a command line tool only and it has only two possible input paramter. The first is the path and file name of the script to check (required) and the second (optional) is the keyword pause, which will trigger the request for pressing a key at the end, preventing the command line window to close automatically, if you called the tool from Explorer for example and not an already open command prompt.

Included are some sample scripts with batch files to execute them to see how it works.


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