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TheDraw (.TDF) Fonts Tool

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After my blog post about the .TDF Fonts file specification is decided to write a little tool myself. I also have a large collection of TheDraw ANSI fonts to check out. The Editor "TheDraw" is also available for download here. To be able to run the Editor, you require an emulator for MS-DOS. I recommend DOSBOX, which is also available for download here.

Included in the download package is also a collection of over 3.500! TheDraw fonts in .TDF format.

If you are really into ANSI fonts etc. you might also want to check out the new Beta of my ANSI Editor for Windows (ATE) with ANSI Font System (and TheDraw .TDF fonts import/export option).

Tool Summary

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Download the latest .TDFX Fonts Collection File (TDFONTSALL.ZIP), with ALL TheDraw Fonts in my current selection (over 1.000!!! Fonts) here.

Please Note! ... that all of my tools posted on my web site are using the Free Art License (FAL) 1.3 (Copy left Attitude), which means its free to use, share and even modify and redistribute, as long as your modified version is still free and not commercially distributed. If you want to exploit the software commercially, you would have to contact me and negotiate terms.

Needless to say, but better safe than sorry.... using my tools does not make me liable for any direct or indirect caused damages or losses, because of the use of them. You use them at your own risk. If you are paranoid, don't use them, if you are not understanding what I am saying here, don't use them either.



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Main Screen 2 TheDraw in Dosbox About Screen


What the Hell is This?

.TDF Files are font files for TheDraw, the ANSI Text Editor for MS-DOS. The Editor comes with a tool for managing .TDF files called TDFONTS.EXE, but my tool provides some features that are not provided by the original tool. Also my tool is for Windows, meaning that you don't need an MS DOS Emulator like DOSBOX etc. to run it.

Here is a list of features:

  • Instant Preview of the Font
  • Re-Arranging Order of Font in Collection
  • Add/Remove Fonts
  • Import
    • .TDF TheDraw Fonts File
    • .ATEF Ansi Text Editor Fonts
    • .TDFX TheDraw Fonts Tool Collection File
  • Export
    • Font Formats
      • .TDF TheDraw Fonts File
      • .ATEF Ansi Text Editor Fonts File
      • .TDFX Native Fonts Collection File Format
    • Bitmap Formats
      • .BMP Windows Bitmap
      • .EMF Enhanced Metafile Format
      • .GIF Graphics Interchange Format
      • .ICO Windows Icon
      • .JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group
      • .PNG Portable Network Graphics
      • .TIF Tagged Image Format
      • .WMF Windows Metafile Format
    • Text Formats
      • .ANS Ansi
      • .ASC ASCII Text
      • .AVT Avatar
      • .BIN Binary Text
      • .PCB PC-Board
      • .WC2 Wildcat 2.X
      • .WC3 Wildcat 3.X
  • Drag & Drop
  • Custom Preview Text
  • Custom Duplicate Handling
  • Rename Font
  • Change Spacing
  • Change Font Type: "Outline" to "Color" or "Block"; "Block" to "Color" or "Color" to "Block"
  • Create a Fonts Collection of all your TheDraw fonts and save it as .TDFX proprietary Collection File
  • Launch Build-In TheDraw Editor Tool and DOSBOX MS-DOS Operating System Emulator and use selected font immediately
  • Over 3.500 of ready to use ANSI and ASCII Text fonts already included in package
  • Instant display of available fonts characters and used ANSI colors.

Version History

What's New?


  • Allows to load and save .TDF collections with over 34 fonts in it. Okay, it cannot be used with TheDraw then, but with the fonts tool. Saving larger collections in .TDF format is faster and results in a smaller file than .TDFX :(
  • Interface responsiveness improved when loading and saving larger collections
  • Quick Search feature added. Selects a matching font while starting to type its name in the fonts list
  • Dialogs improved.
  • TONS of new Fonts added. Now over 3.500!!!


  • Manual Drag and Drop Interface improved
  • New Dialog for loading confirmation, which can handle the import of many fonts
  • Font listing enhanced
  • .TDFX file load improved a bit (should be slightly faster than before)
  • General layout improvements, mainly font sizes to cope with over 1.000 fonts in one collection
  • new and prettier "About" screen
  • Several hundred new fonts included


  • Interface improvements for usability
  • less buttons, more smart processing, multi file select for loading and drag and drop
  • multiple file moving and sorting


  • Custom Preview Text Option Fixed (it was always reverting to "My Text" before)
  • Build-In TheDraw and DOSBOX Emulator to launch current font directly in the EDITOR
  • Figlet Font Types Import Support (.FIG, .FLF, .FIGLET and .ZIP (zipped Figlet Fonts)
  • Ansi Text Editor (ATE) Font Types (.ATEF) Import & Export Support
  • Some other bug fixes, such as sudden crashes after sorting fonts by title etc.
  • Collection of over 550 Fonts included now!


  • Custom Preview Text Option
  • Custom Duplicate Handling (Overwrite, Skip, Add Dupe, Auto-Rename or Ask)
  • Re-Sorting of Fonts via Drag'n Drop
  • New Context Menu via Right-Click on Font with all available font options
  • Prominent Available Characters and Used Colors Preview (If Font Preview is selected instead of "Custom Preview Text")
  • General Interface Improvements for Usability
  • Install creates File Types for .TDF and .TDFX and assigns Tool as Default to Open/Edit

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