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A Win32 Class Library and Tool for Vector Object Files (.VOBJ Meshes) and Vector Ball Object Files (.OBJ, 3DBall/Bobs) used for the free Oldskool Demomaker (OSDM) Tool by Testaware and the also Free FXLib Effects Library (for PureBasic) by Epyx.

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Please Note! ... that all of my tools posted on my web site are using the Free Art License (FAL) 1.3 (Copy left Attitude), which means its free to use, share and even modify and redistribute, as long as your modified version is still free and not commercially distributed. If you want to exploit the software commercially, you would have to contact me and negotiate terms.

Needless to say, but better safe than sorry.... using my tools does not make me liable for any direct or indirect caused damages or losses, because of the use of them. You use them at your own risk. If you are paranoid, don't use them, if you are not understanding what I am saying here, don't use them either.



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What the Hell is This?

The library lets you create, load, export, manipulate and adjust new or existing vector objects for OSDM or even for other projects. It is essentially a full blown 3D Library and requires Direct3D 9 and DirectX (DLL's included with Installer), if you want to use the render features of the DLL Assembly Library.

The LIB also supports the import of other mesh formats to VOBJ format and export of VOBJ meshes to other 3D formats.

In addition to all that is there also the primitives creator to get you started with basic shapes and objects and my 1.800+ VOBJ Mesh object collection, which can be browsed nicely from within my Tool, which comes together with the DLL Lib as well.

The LIB was developed with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and is free to use and distribute for your own projects. Here are some list of features in greater details:

Move, Scale, Rotate, Clone, Merge, Cleanup and Fix vector objects.

Part of my Example editor tool is also this feature. Edit multiple objects separately and see the combined results without actually merging them before hand. A Manual Editor to tweak details of a mesh by hand. Real-Time render-preview is also included.

Primitives Creator for Boxes, Checker Cubes, Cogs, Cones, Cubes, Cylinders, Gems (Octahedrons), Elongated Rhombic DodecaHedrons, Grids, Hemispheres, Hexagonial Prisms, Lumped Toruses, Pyramids, Rhombic Dodeca Hedrons, Spheres, Spiral Toruses, Stars, Tetrahedrons, Regular Toruses, Truncated Octahedrons and Twisted Toruses.

Note: if you had a previous version of the tool installed. you have to uninstall it first and then install the new version.


Supported Export Formats:

  • VOBJ Mesh and mVOBJ Multi-Meshes
  • OBJ 3DBall and mOBJ Multi-Objects
  • Alias Wavefront(.OBJ)
  • Renderware 2.0 (.RWX)
  • VRML 1.0(.WRL)
  • VRML 2.0(.WRL)
  • Geomview (.OFF/.GEO)
  • Standford Polygon File Format 1.0 ASCII (.PLY)
  • Standford Polygon File Format 1.0 Binary (.PLY)

Supported Import Formats:

OSDM Formats

  • .VOBJ Mesh (.VOBJ) for OSDM and FXLib
  • .OBJ 3DBall (.OBJ) for OSDM and FXLib
  • .mVOBJ Multi-Meshes Files (uncompressed)
  • .mOBJ Multi-Object Files (uncompressed)

ASCII Formats

  • 3D Mesh (.3D) (MS DOS)
  • Autodesk 3DStudio ASCII (.ASC/.ASE) (Windows)
  • Alias Wavefront(.OBJ/.MTL) (Windows)
  • Autodesk Collada (.DAE) (XML) (Windows)
  • Autodesk/Kaydara FBX 2011 ASCII (.FBX) (Windows)
  • Autodesk/Kaydara FBX 2012 ASCII (.FBX) (Windows)
  • Open Inventor 2.X ASCII (.IV) (Windows)
  • Autodesk Maya ASCII (.MA) (windows)
  • Geomview (.OFF/.GEO) (Windows)
  • Render386 (.PLG) (MS DOS)
  • Aldus Super3D (.RAW) (Macintosh)
  • MedIt (Inria) (.MESH)
  • Renderware 2.0 (.RWX) (Windows)
  • Simple Mesh Format V1.0 (.SMF) (Windows)
  • Simple Mesh Format V2.0 (.SMF) (Windows)
  • Sense8 WorldToolkit/Neutral File Format (.NFF)
  • Standford Polygon File Format 1.0 ASCII (.PLY)
  • Stereolithography AScII (.STLA)
  • Unigrafix (.UG)
  • VRML 1.0 ASCII (.WRL) (Windows)
  • VRML 2.0 UTF-8 Text (.WRL) (Windows)
  • DirectX Mesh ASCII (.X) (Windows)
  • Extensible 3D (X3D) XML (.X3D)

Binary Formats

  • Autodesk 3D Studio (.3DS) (Windows/Binary)
  • Blitz 3D (Blitz Basic) (.B3D) (Windows)
  • DirectX Mesh Binary (.X) (windows)
  • Inertia GFXFX3 (.GVO) (MS DOS/Binary)
  • Imagine 3.0 (.IOB) (Amiga/Binary)
  • Lightwave V4-5.6 (.LWO/.LWB) (Windows/Amiga/Binary)
  • Standford Polygon File Format 1.0 Binary (.PLY)
  • Stereolithography Binary (.STL)

Also included is my old stand-alone version of the VOBJ viewer tool that I wrote a long while ago in PureBasic.


Previous Versions - Win32


Previous Versions, Variations of my VOBJ Tools (not a LIB, just the tool)

Free OSDM 3D OBJ/VOBJ Tool Win32 (current version is V4.0.1.2 (May 30, 2011))
that lets you tweak the 3D Ball and 3D Vector object data files from Oldskool Demomaker. You can adjust position & size, center objects, flip axis, rotate, clone objects, adjust position and size of cloned objects and merge one data file with another. It also includes a basic 3D object generator tool that lets you easily create 3D spheres, torus's (normal, spiral, lumped and twisted), cubes (including checker cubes), pyramids, cylinders, cones, gems, stars, grids , cogs and the remaining 4 existing Parallohedras.

Also included are converters from Renderware (.RWX), Wavefront (.ORG), VRML 1 (.WRL), Autodesk 3D Studio ASCII (.ASC) and Render386 (.PLG) meshes and more to OSDM .VOBJ format; converters from .VOBJ to Wavefront (.OBJ) and Renderware (.RWX). The build in .VOBJ vector object viewer is now also available separately as a stand-alone tool.

Get the Latest Version of the VOBJ Tool:     Download

Note: I re-wrote the entire tool in Visual Basic.NET (the old version was written in VBScript, believe it or not), so it is now a real Windows 32bit Application. The problems that some folks had with the Script version (especially the file dialogs) should now be a thing of the past. I decided to stop further development on the VBS version of the tool and fully concentrate on the new VB.NET version instead. I kept the old VBS version up for download, if you are still interested in those. See the links below.

Download and watch (the updated) or Watch Online (Video) (the not yet updated) demo of the 3D object generator tool and the objects that you can create with it. Music credits for this demo: W.O.T.W./SAC, Spoon/SAC, Bass/The Silents, Jesper Kyd and the Amiga Cracking group "Classic". Note: The demo does not show all object types that can be generated with the tool, because I added a few more since I created this little demo.

Previous Versions - Win32

Previous Versions - VBScript (No longer maintained)