Strangerz in dha Dark - Steps

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You can download the original ANSI tutorial file in .ANS format here.

ANSI Drawing Steps for the ANSI "Strangerz in dha Dark" by PoSeidon OSF/INSANE from 09/30/2009. The ANSI was released at the ANSI COMPO of the Bizarre 2K Demo Party in 2000.

Step 01. make de lettering

Step 02. give the letters the shape

Step 03. give them the colors

Step 04. give them the shading

Step 05. make the logolines

Step 06. add the colors to the logo and place the background

Step 07. add the shading to the background and the logo

Step 08.
Step 08. make the raw figure of the dragonhead
Step 09.
Step 09. give it sum better lines and add sum shading
Step 10.
Step 10. add sum more shading to it
Step 11.
Step 11. add sum more shading and lines
Step 12.
Step 12. Add sum more lines and sum shading... (oh and a little biz2k logo)
Step 13.
Step 13. And add sum more shading and lines...
Step 14.
Step 14. Oh god, place sum more lines and shading...
Step 15.
Step 15. This is getting boring; Add sum more shading and lines...
Step 16.
Step 16. Finishing it off, finally after 140 hours
Final Entry ANSI
And here is the final ANSI as submitted to the Ansi Competition of the Bizarre 2K Demo Party.

"Yeah enuff said, fuck you and that fake crew that you be with!!!!"

You can download the final original ANSI here.

"Yeah, finally I finished my entry for the BIZARRE 2K ANSI COMPO. It has been while since I created my last ANSI, so I kinda lost the feeling for it. But ya might have allready seen that. Also because of the deadline I had 2 make, this must be the most fucked ↑ dragon ya've eva seen. Still I am gonna compete with it at Bizarre and because of the fact that it probably will be the only entry for the ANSI compo, because ANSI is a forgotten art form, I myte window :) VOTE FAIR!!"

"when the worst comes the worst my peepz come 1st:"

  • INSANE CREW: Alien, CrackDown, DNS666, Flexx, Fubar, Kamikaze, Nestor, Reaper, Temporizer, ThEDGE, Tsunami, WausMaus
  • ICQ PEEPZ: Hiske, Izard, Leonie, Nightmare, Noka, Qfox, Rednoos, Schizofreen, Sn3akz, Snoopy, Tazzy
  • "HOME"-PPL: Alex, Arnout, Baars, Chris, Deelen, Dennis, Ester, Florus, Gabrielle, Goppel, Monique, Inge, Natasja, Nick, Niels, Remco, Richard, Richi&Ri
  • SPICEGIRLZ: Hiske, Jeanet, Leonie, Mariska
  • ETTEN LEUR: Ilona, Joyce (I wonda if ya 2 still livin here...)
  • WSUP?: Exocet (thnx 4 givin da advice to fuck it ↑ even more)
  • SPECIAL: Janina ( because I love ya )
  • Master DJs: Fuck you and your cute soundsystems 2!

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