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After I put up the galleries with some of the SAC Art did I say to myself "Why not put some great ASCII art by other artists up on the site as well?". So here I am, presenting to you some fine examples of ASCII art created by other artists from other art groups, such as ACiD, iCE, Black Maiden and others.

Included are pieces by the legendary Jed/ACiD who is my personal hero and IMO best ASCII and ANSI artist of all times. Also included are very impressive ASCII pictures by the guys from Black Maiden (also a German art group), such as Olli. I also put up some pieces by SAC artists up, which are not published in the SAC section (yet). Some pieces by Creature of Hell (CH), who was IMO one of SAC's most talented ASCII artists. Enjoy!

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Note: Check out the display option buttons in the detail pages. "Snap Shot Image" is the ASCII converted to a PNG image by my Ansi Converter Tool and is as close as you can get it to how the art looked in MS DOS. "Text Version" is as the name says a real text version of the ASCII. By default its showing the text version, also created by my converter tool. It's real text, but Unicode characters and a Windows font, so it's never able to look 100% like the original DOS version, but it's getting close, close enough actually in my opinion. The detail overlay also provides a download link to "Original" ASCII text file.

Keep in mind that the pieces published in this gallery were not released into the public domain. The purpose of ASCII and ANSI art was the distribution, so it is not a problem to copy it and show it around, but you can not use it, change it for your own purposes without the permission of the individual artist.

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