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NWO - New World Order & NWO 2.0 by Roy/SAC

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This is actually a "series" of two demos with the same subject, version 1.0 and 2.0. You can select the versions via the green buttons below. Note, the credits and "Goodies" links also change with your selection.

Version 2.0 (Default) Original Version 1.0


  • Code: Peace/Testaware & Epyx
  • Code: Peace/Testaware, Bobo & Epyx
  • Design, Graphics & Vector OBJs: Roy/SAC
  • 3D Ball Object: Synth
  • Music: "Nervous Disorder" by Keith 303 of Radical Rhythms

Additional Information

  • Release Date: February/June 2010

Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!

New World Order, short NWO, also known as "Novus Okdo Seclorum", the words on the $1 Bill with the all seeing Eye on top of the pyramide. The stuff where conspiracy theories are made of hehe. Well, this demo does not have a deep political message or something like that. I reserve that for other forms of my personal expression :). It is just supposed to be fun, although it was a heck of a lot of work to do.

This production features 9 (11) individual demo parts in 435 Lines of OSDM Script; first time use of multiple 3D Vectors and 3D Balls objects by myself. NWO is so far the longest (including running time, which is over 4 minutes), the most complex and hopefully also the best of my OSDM demos.

Rounding everything up are the hot and fast techno beats by one of my favorite oldskool musicians, Keith303 of the techno tracker music release group RR - Radical Rhythms.

I also published a tutorial with all settings and resources used to create this demo at the Wiki of the OSDM support portal here as alternative to the "Wiki" version of the tutorial at Deltaforceteam.de, check out my post "OSDM Demo Tutorial - New World Order" at my personal web log.

Additional Version 2.0 Notes
This is an updated and enhanced version of my original OSDM multi-part demo from February this year. The enhanced version was done with the new and enhanced version of Oldskool Demomaker by Peace/Testaware, which was only released a few weeks ago.

I decided to make an updated version of the demo, because it is one of my favorites and I remember how I was upset about the lack of some important features (IMO) that OSDM did not have. I wasn't able to do some of the things that I intended and had to work around those problems, settling for a near to intended workaround version of some of the demo effects. Most of those features that the previous version of Oldskool Demomaker lagged were added to the new release of the tool.

So I was finally able to change some of the effects to what I originally intended. I also expanded on some other things that I didn't had planned originally and which came to my mind while I was updating the demo. One of the things I complained about are still a problem in the current version of OSDM, which has to do with the determination of the maximum file size for a sprite, which limits the number of sprites in total, even though the combined size is way in the limitations of the tool.

Since I could not use more Sprite slots, I had to "free" some that I already used to make room for the new ones that I needed to include. The two sprites that I sacrificed were the ones from the intro part, the "Roy/SAC presents" and "A new production called" sprites. I replaced them with a different effect in OSDM, which is okay. However in this case I liked the old sprite version better. So it was in a sense a demotion in this particular instance, but all other changes are in my opinion actual real enhancements hehe.


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