Morph" ASCII Animation by Skylined

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Yeah Baby! The Morph and the Mandelbrot animation are all real-time ASCII and done via JavaScript code. The "Shark-like" Skylined logo looks like 3D and really cool. I was amazed when I saw it for the first time.

This ASCIImation is even cooler than the Starfield ASCIImation in my opinion, but the graphic is not as easy to replace. It is possible though, but you need to know a bit about JavaScript that you done screw it up. The Animation contains two main parts.

The first one is a "Morph" effect between four different ASCII logos, which are also cool and done by Skylined himself. I like the "Shark-like" logo the best, because it looks even more 3D with the morph effect than it did already without it, but his ASCII called "Julia at Awakenings", which was a contribution to the Non-Existent ASCII contest at deviantART in November/December last year is also pretty cool. He did not win unfortunately, although he was my personal favorite and got my #1 vote (I was one of the judges of the contest).

The second part is actually more impressive and something for the coders at heart, what I am unfortunately not. It shows a real-time Mandelbrot fractal look-alike zoom and rotation and was programmed entirely (no ASCII logo).

Credits: The ASCII art work and JavaScript code were all done by Skylined. Skylined at dA and Skylined's Website