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I am fortunate that I kept most of my text art to be able to present an almost complete collection of my ASCIIs and ANSIs. This includes my early work (which includes some not so pretty pieces IMO ;)). MY very first, second, third and fourth ANSIs ever created. You can watch them at my "About Roy" page. All me early stuff is shown in separate galleries by the way. One for my Early ANSI Art and another for my Early ASCII Art.

Even though I am not that proud of my early creations, are they a valuable example to demonstrate the progression and improvement I did undergo as artist. ASCII and ANSI art and art in general might require talent, but the technical aspects of it, be it using brushes and paint or hammer and chisel require time and training.

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As a reminder. I did release all my ASCIIs and ANSIs into the public domain, which means that you are free to download any piece you like, change it and use it for your own purposes. I would appreciate the mentioning of my name and may be a link to my site (if you use it online) as a way of saying thank you.

ROY_ANSI.ZIP - Download ALL ANSI files in this gallery in a single zip-file.

Also have a look at the ANSI artwork by various other artists, which I made available here on my site.

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