OSDM Intros by Roy/SAC

Sactro #1 from 12/1994 OSDM Remake for Win32

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  • Code: Peace/Testaware, Bobo and Epyx
  • Graphics, Design and 3D Objects: Roy/SAC
  • Music: "Surrender" by Meo/Abyss, "Tech Perfection" by Pitty/Dytec & "N/A" by Unknown

Additional Information

    Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!

  • Release Date: March 2011

This is a Win32/64 remake of the first release intro for the very first Superior Art Creations art package, which was released in December 1994.

You can have a look at the video capture of the original SACtro at my web site, as well as downloads of the MS DOS executable, the original Mods and graphics. Original programming was done by Hetero/SAC. He also did the logo, although it was a rip off an "Prestige" logo from the Commodore Amiga. Music was done by Meo/Abyss and not by Pitty as it shows in the intro text of my remake. I created only the ANSI NFO file for the end of the intro.

The original SACtro used actually 3 different tunes, selecting one of them at random during start up. I could have implemented this in OSDM as well, but what I could not realize was the automatic change of the intro page text to give the right credits for the music, depending on which tune was selected. :(

In order to simulate the ANSI info file at the end, I had to use the OSDM "Megatro" feature. Unfortunately, this feature only supports intros in Full Screen mode, so no windowed version available for this one. Also the abortion of the intro has to be done using the "SPACE" key (like on the Amiga or Commodore 64) instead of the ESC key. I might program a wrapper myself to really recreate the ANSI NFO viewer at the end, which was interactive in the original. We will see.

Update: I created another special version of the SACtro remake. This version is much shorter, because I did not create it out of two separate intros. It is just a single one where the end ansi (nfo) will automatically start after the intro text finished (instead of keeping on looping). Although this version is much shorter, it includes all three intro tunes and selects one at random during start up, just like the original.

I cannot give credits for the third tune, because I don't know who did it. I ripped it from the original intro. Hetero blanked out all text and titles of the mods to make them harder to rip, unfortunately. This new special version also allows you to select windowed or full screen mode and screen resolution at the beginning.


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Vimeo.com Full-Screen Version   
YouTube.com Full-Screen Version ♫ Audio File (.MOD PT2 Format)
"Surrender" by Meo/Abyss
   Special Win/Full-Screen Version ♫ Audio File (.MOD PT2 Format)
"Tech Perfection" by Pitty
      ♫ Audio File (.MOD PT2 Format)
3rd tune by Unknown