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War Demo by Roy/SAC (Win32, 2010)

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PM Tune Dreamers Tune


  • Code: Peace/Testaware, Bobo and Epyx
  • Graphics Design, Direction and Scripting: Roy/SAC
  • Music: "Turbulence" by Purple Motion/Future Crew
  • Music: "Trilogy Remix" by Lorenzo Convertito, Luigi Vece and Narsete Nunzio of Dreamers

Additional Information

  • Release Date: March 2010Y

Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!

This multi-part OSDM demo of mine uses two different tunes, because I could not make up my mind which one to use and thus decided to include them both hehe. You can switch/select the songs by pressing the "F1" key for the Purple Motion tune and the "F2" key for the tune by Dreamers within the demo itself (executable). I also created two different video captures of the demo, one for each tune. Press the green buttons above to select the version you want, it will also automatically update the "Goodies" links to the demo resources as well.


Watch Online Win32 Program Downloads  Media Downloads 
Vimeo.com Windowed Version ♫ Audio File (.XM FT2 Format)
"Turbulence" by Purple Motion
YouTube.com Full-Screen Version ♫ Audio File (Original) (.S3M ST3 Format)
"Turbulence" by Purple Motion
Vimeo.com Windowed Version ♫ Audio File (.XM FT2 Format)
"Trilogy Remix" by Dreamers
YouTube.com Full-Screen Version   

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