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Only 16 Colors Demo by Roy/SAC

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  • Code: Peace/Testaware and Epyx
  • Graphics: Roy/SAC and Raiser/SAC
  • Design and Scripting: Roy/SAC
  • 3D Object: Genom
  • Music: "Overtaking" by Clawz

Additional Information

  • Release Date: February 2010

Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!

This is a relatively short demo. The reason for the "16 colors" in the name of the demo is the fact that all graphics, except for the intro part are ANSIs or derived directly from an ANSI. The maximum font size in OSDM is only 32 characters, which is way to small for a decent ANSI font, so I created a scaled down version of the ANSI charaters that I used in my original ANSI font and created the letters in the font image out of those "character snippets". Even the scrolling floor in the text parts is derived from an ANSI that I created.

The main ANSI in the beginning is new. It has been a while since I did one. I hope you like it and that my skills did not get too rusty yet hehe.

Also featured in this demo is the long and great login ANSI for my old BBS, which was created for me by Raiser/SAC and also the login form screen, which I created myself. To find out more about my old BBS "Closed Society", checkout the special page on my site, which I created for it.


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"Overtaking" by Clawz
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