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Longing Demo by Roy/SAC

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  • Code: Peace/Testaware & Epyx
  • Graphics and Design: Roy/SAC
  • Some additional 3D Objects: Synth
  • Music: "Ecstatic" by emax, "Dance with me"

Additional Information

    Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!

  • Release Date: February 2010

"Longing... for the (good) old days" would actually be the right title for this production, which pushes the limits of multi-3d vector and multi-3d balls objects of Oldskool Demomaker.


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YouTube.com Full-Screen Version ♫ Audio File (.MOD PT Format)
"Ecstatic" by emax
   Windowed Version ♫ Audio File (.XM FT2 Format)
"Dance with me"
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