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This is actually a video "series" and showing three different versions of the same (very similar) intro (and how it progressed). You can select the versions via the green buttons below. Note, the credits and "Goodies" links also change with your selection (if applicable).

Intro 1 Version 4 Intro 1 Version 3 Intro 1

Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 1 Verson 4 "Kickin Oldskool" (roy1v4)

Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 1 Version 3 (roy1v3)

Roy/SAC OSDM Intro 1 (roy1)


  • Intro Engine Code: Peace/Testaware
  • Graphics, Design, Concept and Direction: Roy/SAC
  • Secondary Font: based on font that came with OSDM by Unknown
  • Music: "Neuroscope" by Mantronix/Razor 1911
  • Music: "Cognition" by Jozz/TRSI
  • Music: "Cognition" by Jozz/TRSI

Additional Information

  • Release Date: June 2009

Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!

After I did the cracktro for RoORS, I decided to create an Intro for myself. I made quite a lot changes to it over a relatively short period of time. The 3 versions shown here are by far not all versions that I created. If you look at "Intro 1", you will see, where the Roy SAC logo originated from. Do you recognize it? Right, the ANSI, which I am also using as logo for my personal blog.

The font is my Gold Font again, but you will notice that it changed considerably from version to version of the intro.

Version 3 and 4 have a cool background. Do you recognize what it is? Okay, I will help you a bit with that: I am showing photographs of various computer systems and logos, like a Commodore 64, a Commodore Amiga and Commodore monitor + game joystick, an Atari ST, a Super NES Game console incl. game pad and also an US Robotics HST Courier modem. The bottom shows "one corner" of the Rusty'n Eddies BBS, one of the largest bulletin boards ever. A hidden "easter egg" is the old CCC (Chaos Computer Club) logo with the German Post Office logo and a skull in the middle :).