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RoORS Crack Intro #6

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  • Code: Peace/Testaware
  • Graphics and Direction: Roy/SAC
  • Font: based on Angels Amiga Intro Font (heavily modified though)
  • Music: "Dope" by Jugi/Complex

Additional Information

  • Release Date: September 2009

Note: This is NOT an official SAC release! None of my OSDM productions are!

I got the idea for the unique "rain effect" when I was watching another OSDM intro by Peace/Testaware, which had a "Matrix" effect (The cryptic letters that fall down in strings over the monitor. See the image to the right.).

I choose the music actually before anything else. It is a shortened and optimized version (to reduce the file size) of the great tune by Jugi/Complex for the 1995 PC Demo "Dope", which won 1st place at demo competition at The Gathering demo party in Norway in Spring 1995.

I wanted to use a "Copper" effect for the font at first, but then decided against it. The font used is a heavily modified version of the Angels Amiga cracktro font. You might recognize the shape of the letters, which is pretty much the only thing that is left from the original.

The "star field" simulation, which uses dark "glass balls" instead of stars was added to enhance the rain effect (create some extra motion behind it). I re-used the RoORS logo from the previous intros that I did a couple months earlier, because it wasn't too bad IMO.

All in all is it one of my best OSDM intros in my opinion. The TOaO cracktro is a little bit better I think :).