ASCII Nudes Collection

30 Years of "Naked" ASCII Art"
Who said that ASCII text art is boring?
You have probably not seen some of the great pieces of nude ASCII art yet. Luckily for you did I spend the time to collect the best pieces of Nude ASCII art available from around the world and over 30 years. I am proud to be able to present them to you here and now, 0 ASCII Nudes!. The artist who contributed the most to this collection is undoubtly the RTTY text artist Don Royer's (aka WA6PIR). Don created exclusively text art replica of Playboy Magazine Centerforld photographs throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Unfortunately Don did several years already, but his legacy will continue to keep the memory of him alive. ... That is not all yet. I dug up the original photographs for 40,50,53 ... 61 of the 0 nude pictures from Playboy Magazine (typically a vintage Playboy Centerfold or a painted Alberto Vargas Girl) that the artist used as the motive for his nude ASCII. See my blog posts ASCII Art Nudes vs Original Playboy Centerfolds.

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How to Navigate the Gallery
If you click on any thumbnail in the main gallery, the selected ASCII will be loaded in full size as overlay. By default its showing the text version with white background and black font (default) to emulate the look under Windows (like with Notepad). If I was able to find the original picture or photograph that the artist used as reference the options "View Photo" and "Side/Side" become visible. "Side/Side" will show the photograph next to the slightly scaled text version right next to each other for comparison. All pieces have a "Download" button to get the original text file. The "+" and "-" buttons allow you to increase or decrease the current font size for the text version display. From the overlay you can either use the "X" button to close the overlay and select manually another piece from the gallery grid or use the "<-" and "->" buttons to view the "previous" or "next" piece in the gallery. You can also use the keyboard for navigation instead of the mouse.
Where Key Description Keyboard Shortcuts
Detail a = show ASCII Version Detail p = show Photo (if available) Detail s = show Side by Side (if available) Detail + = (The + on the Key Pad) Increase Font Size (only available in ASCII View Mode) Detail - = (The - on the Key Pad) Decrease Font Size (only available in ASCII View Mode) Detail d = Download Original ASCII Text File Grid/Detail Arrow Right/Tab = Next Piece Grid/Detail Arrow Left/Shift+Tab = Previous Piece Grid Arrow Up = 1 Row Up Grid Arrow Down = 1 Row Down Grid/Detail Home = Jump to 1st Item Grid/Detail End = Jump to last Item Grid Enter = Open Details of currently selected Detail ESC = Close Overlay Detail h = Show Keyboard Shortcuts Help Grid/Detail b = BOSS Key Toggle ON/OFF
Who said that ASCII text art is boring?
You have probably not seen some of the great pieces of ASCII art yet.

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