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If you don't know what ANSI or ASCII is then you are probably at the wrong place. However, if you'd like to learn more about this subject in general, I'd like to warm your heart for the ASCII Art Academy section on my web site, where you can learn a great deal about all this stuff.

On the other hand, if you are an oldskool scener who knows, remembers and used pre-Internet Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) like PCBoard by Clark Development or other platforms and the thoughts about art group legends like ACiD, iCE, Mirage (and of course SAC) brings tears to your eyes, you probably want to spend a little bit extended time here, especially if you also happen to have a web site and like to put up some of the old text art on your web site, as TEXT ART and not just as "lame-ass" image screen-shot.

what you can find here is pretty much all the pre-work that I did to eventually get to my latest universal conversion tool, which I showcase on a differnt page on this web site. The code thing with those older scripts here is that they are written in much more simple script language and available in source format (duh.. scripts, remember?! nix compiled hehe).

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Please Note! ... that all of my tools posted on my web site are using the Free Art License (FAL) 1.3 (Copy left Attitude), which means its free to use, share and even modify and redistribute, as long as your modified version is still free and not commercially distributed. If you want to exploit the software commercially, you would have to contact me and negotiate terms.

Needless to say, but better safe than sorry.... using my tools does not make me liable for any direct or indirect caused damages or losses, because of the use of them. You use them at your own risk. If you are paranoid, don't use them, if you are not understanding what I am saying here, don't use them either.



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What the Hell is This?

You might want to have a look at my latest ANSI/ASCII Converter tool for Win32/64 written in VB.NET, which combines all features provided by the scripts available here and more.

This collection of scripts is basically all the pre-work I did before I wrote my general converter. There are versions in plain VBS Script as interface version using HTML forms, commmand line versions, full-interface HTA versions, scripts in Classic ASP 3.0 and Coldfusion CFM for use on a web site and more.

Added to the collection are also some documents in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel format, with codepages details, mappings and ANSI.SYS syntax and specs.


Source Code

The Zip-Archive contains a Folder called "SourceCode". It contains the .VBS (VBScript) source codes of the simple batch converter and command-line ("cli") executables, as well as the .HTA (Microsoft HTML Application) source code of the HTML Interface version.

The SourceCode folder contains additional sub folders:

  • ColdFusion-CFM, which contains a ColdFusion (.CF) version of my original Classic .ASP converter script (Again my thanks to Lord Scarlett from SixteenColors.NET for sending that back to me after I sent him my .ASP version)
  • ClassicASP, which contains my first and original source code, written in Classic Active Server Pages for Microsoft Information Sevices Web Servers ((IIS V6+) in .ASP format (which is pretty much 99% like VBScript). That's the script that got the whole thing started :).
  • ANSI2HTML-Tests-VBS, which contains some experimental VBScript code for parsing .ANS ANSI Files ("MS-DOS Text Files with Colors"), which led me to the development of my Win32/64 based desktop tool ANSI/ASCII Converter (also available for download at this web site)


Additional Extras

The folder Docs contains 2 additional documents in MS Excel 2007+ (.XLSX) and MS Word 2007+ (.DOCX) formats.

The Excel sheet (ascii-table-ccu.xlsx) contains a DOS character map with DOS Code Page 437 and Windows Code Page side-by-side, including Unicode mappings and HTML Entities etc.

The Word Document (ANSI.SYS Codes2.docx) contains a collection of various ANSI.SYS related documentation, explaining the ANSI Escape Sequences etc. More technical stuff for programmers actually. The same documentation (but cleaned up and fully structured is now also available online on my site at the ASCII Art Academy. Check out ANSI.SYS Documentation and Referene.


The Command Line Version Syntax

The command line version can do pretty much everything which you can also do via the interface version.

batchconvert2cli.exe <PATH>* [/fext:|/text:|/cp:|/san:|/html:]

*<PATH> = the folder to process for example "c:\temp"


Parameter Options/Description
<NOTHING> help screen/syntax
/fext: EXT - select files with specified extension to be converted. (Default: "asc")
/text: EXT - extension of converted files (Default: "web")
/san: y|n - replace tabs with spaces/blanks and remove control characters* (Default: "y")
* ASCII Code < 32, except for line breaks
/html: y|n - HTML Encode, Encode Unicode Characters for HTML (&#CHR;)* (Default: "y")
* Note: Output will still be a text file; If "n" then Output encoding is UTF-16
/cp: CODEPAGE - Codepage (CP437 or CP850 ... see list below) (Default: "CP437")

MS-DOS Code Pages
  • CP437 - Latin US/United States/Canada
  • CP737 - Greek
  • CP775 - Baltic Rim
  • CP850 - Latin 1 (Western Europe: DE, FR, ES)
  • CP852 - Latin 2 (Slavic: PL, RU, BA, HR, HU, CZ, SK)
  • CP855 - Cyrillic (RU, BG, UA)
  • CP857 - Turkish, TR
  • CP858 - Latin 1 Alt (= 850, 0xD5 = U+20AC EURO SYM)
  • CP860 - Portuguese, PT
  • CP861 - Islandic, IS
  • CP862 - Hebrew, IL
  • CP863 - Canada, CA (French)
  • CP864 - Arabic
  • CP865 - Nordic (except IS) (DK, SE, NO, FI)
  • CP866 - Cyrillic Russian (based on GOST 19768-87)
  • CP869 - Greek 2 (IBM Modern GR)
  • CP874 - MS-DOS Thai
Windows Code Pages
  • CP1250 - Windows Latin-2
  • CP1251 - Windows Cyrillic
  • CP1252 - Windows Latin-1
  • CP1253 - Windows Greek
  • CP1254 - Windows Turkish
  • CP1255 - Windows Hebrew
  • CP1256 - Windows Arabic
  • CP1257 - Windows Baltic (1)
  • CP1258 - Windows Vietnamese
  • CP874 - Windows Thai
  • CP932 - Windows Japanese
  • CP936 - Windows Chinese (VRCN)
  • CP949 - Windows Korean
  • CP950 - Windows Chinese (HK)


BATCHCONVERT2CLI.EXE "C:\NFOS\" /fext:NFO /text:HTML /cp:CP850 /san:y /html:y

  1. Processes all file in folder "C:\NFOS\" with extension ".NFO".
  2. Generate output files in the same folder and file base-name.
  3. Use file extension ".html" for output files.
  4. For all processed files Code Page 850 (Western Europe) ("CP850") is assumed.
  5. Convert ASCII text to HTML encoded Unicode entities and sanitize the data prior conversion and output.