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This site is managed by Roy/SAC aka Carsten Cumbrowski, ASCII artist, ANSI artist (text artist), VGA pixel artist, sysop of a BBS, PPE coder, demoscener and leader and founder of various scene groups. Roy was also the founder and ex-leader of the underground artscene group Superior Art Creations or short: SAC. Roy officially retired from the founder/leader position of SAC in 1999 and as SAC member on 7/6/2001. This site is not only dedicated to my (Roy) time in the so called "scene", but also to SAC, ASCII/ANSI art, to the bulletin board system (BBS) called "Closed Society" and the warez and the underground artscene in general.

What Can You Find Here?

Carsten aka Roy/SAC Photo from 2005

More videos are available at my YouTube Channel: SACReleases!

You can get to every important section of the site by using the top navigation. For a list of the whole content of see the Site Map. If you would like to get in touch with me, use the form at my Contact Page to leave me a message. Any comments, suggestions, complaints and other feedback about me, my art, SAC and my website are welcome and appreciated as long as they are honest and constructive.

Enjoy the site! Cheers!
Roy/SAC aka Carsten Cumbrowski

  1. Artwork? Sure, see the Art Galleries that contain ASCII art, ANSI art and VGA pixel artwork by SAC members and others and of course my personal artwork as well.
  2. The ASCII Art Academy is a good place to start, If you want to learn more about ASCII art or text art in general, its history, styles or want to learn how to create this unique form of art yourself and need some help via some basic tutorials.
  3. There are also a bunch of Videos available here, which are about the subjects, including the complete "BBS - The Documentary" 3-DVDs set, free. You might also want to check out the video captures of my OSDM Intros. I wrote a bunch of free scene related tools that might be worth your while.
  4. This site also functions as official SAC - Superior Art Creations website. You can download all SAC art packs and watch the SAC.NFO files and even the entire SAC Pack Files content online.
  5. If you are interested in books, DVDs and general merchandize related to the scene, check out the Online Store (I call it the merchandize section).
  6. Looking for tools, all SAC art packs and other goodies for download? No problem, those are available at the Downloads Section of the site. For the users of TheDraw I created a special page where you can download Custom TheDraw ANSI/ASCII Fonts.
  7. My Personal Blog is also part of the site, where I talk about a number of subjects, including the scene and ASCII art etc, but also about hacking, deviantART, Wikipedia and Cirque Du Soleil (I am a huge fan) plus other more or less fun stuff I care about.
  8. There is also About Me, Roy/SAC, and of course My "Board" (or BBS) called "Closed Society". Check out my PCBoard and BBS Files Collection at my Downloads Page where you can download the backup of my second PCBoard BBS, original PCBoard 15.22 Install Disks with Serial # and my entire PPE and Doors collection (over 300 MB) for PCB.
  9. Since Dytec and Dynasty do not have an official homepage and I used to be leading the PC section for a while (Dytec) or was the co-founder of it (Dynasty), I decided to create a page about each of the groups to learn more about them. Check out the Dynamic Technologies and Dynasty Pseudo Homepages.
  10. If you can't find what you are looking for on my website, check out the website of my friends and other sceners listed at the well sorted Links Page.

A Personal Note Regarding My Artwork

copyleft To learn about ASCII art see the ASCII Art Primer and my ASCII Art Academy.

I released all my scene related artwork into the public domain on July 06, 2006. This means that I gave up the copyright on the work and that you are free to use it for your purposes (commercial or not) and are also allowed to make modifications to it.
However, I would appreciate, if you would give credits where credits are due. A link to this site, a "thank you" email, a donation or anything else to show your gratitude would be appreciated as well. I can't force anybody legally anymore, but I hope that this will not let you forget your good manners.

Update on August 24, 2008. I had to refine my statement from July 6, 2006 to be a bit more specific when it comes to the use of my artwork. I not only released my artwork into the public domain and made it common property, but also require that anybody who creates copies or derivations of my work must release those free also (under the same licence, which is the Free Art License (FAL) 1.3 (Copy left Attitude)). I also updated the logo to reflect this clarification.

Please note that not everything available on this site was created by me and I do not own the interlectual or redistribution rights for them. The copyright of the artist who created the artwork remained unchanged. You will see in the detail pages of my galleries, if a piece was released into the public domain or not.