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Scene Fonts Collection Volume 2 Release

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Published on: June 25, 2014
It is almost up to the day 5 years ago that I released the Scene Fonts Collection Volume 1. Unfortunately the first Volume isn’t officially available for download for quite a while now, specifically since the day when decided to kill my whole PRO account with all its files because of some copyright complaints (I don’t want to go into details with that now. It was just meant as a FYI.). Volume I contained back then about 600 files, Volume II today has over 1,000 files now, again pixel art fonts ripped and captured from Crack Intros, Demos and Games across most major release platforms. The fonts are somewhat sorted like the last time around, namely by font size. Also like last time, there are many dupes, or more accurately.. near dupes, mostly because of slight variations in the graphics files for various reason. Again, my motto is: “Rather have it twice or more than not at all!” Download ROY-SFNT2.ZIP (55 MB) Now!   I created a new release intro for this occasion, yes, again using OSDM for the job (I hadn’t have the time yet to get my head around Intro Maniac, sorry). Unlike most of my previous OSDM productions , there is no full-screen version available for this new release of mine. It makes use of the “Skin” feature of OSDM, which can’t be used for intro productions running in full-screen mode. The skin became integrated into the theme for the intro that releasing a full-screen[…]

Dynasty (DNS) ??? German PC Games Warez Release Group

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Published on: February 24, 2010
In April 1996 three of the four largest and active game warez release groups at the time, Dytec ??? Dynamic Technologies, Vortex and EOD ??? Empire of Darkness merged into a single mega release group called ???Dynasty???. I was co-leader of the Dytec PC section at the time and took an active part in this mega-merger. Dynasty has no homepage today so I decided to put up a page on my web site, where you can read about the creation of the group and also find historic artifacts like Dynasty Crack Intros, CD-Rip Installers, ASCII, ANSI and Pixel Art etc. I thought that this might be a good idea and is part of my continues efforts to preserve scene history for the future. The page can be accessed via this link. Below is a screenshot of the top part of that new page. Dynasty Media Pack Release I also created a media pack release, which contains all the art work and intros created for Dynasty. The pack is much larger than the one that I created earlier for the release group Dytec, because I also included Video captures of the Intros and MP3 recordings of the tracker modules this time. It is still ???only??? about 98 MB in size and what are 98MB nowadays? The NEW – DNS – Dynasty Group Media Collection. Included in this collection are: 7 Dynasty MS DOS PC Intros 2 Dynasty MS DOS CD-RIP Installers 9 Video Captures of Intros and Installers in AVI Format[…]
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