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TheDraw Fonts File (.TDF) Specifications

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Published on: April 23, 2014
I spend quite some time on my “FONTS COLLECTION” for the MS DOS ANSI/ASCII Text Editor “TheDraw“. The font file is in binary format and I wondered how it is structured to maybe write later some tools around it, like a Font Viewer for Windows, Converter to and from ANSI and stuff like that. Note that this is not an official specifications document, I reverse engineered it by testing, so there might be cases I am unaware of, although I am pretty confident that I covered everything about it. “TheDraw” Fonts Files have the extension “.TDF” (which is short for “TheDraw Font” duh :)). One .TDF Fonts file is by default designed as a “collection” of multiple fonts, even if it only holds a single font (like after exporting a single font to an extra file). It can hold up to 34 fonts. More are not possible, if used with TheDraw itself or with it’s external TDFONTS.EXE Fonts Editor utility. An empty fonts file without any font in it yet is always 232 bytes in size. The actual character data are always stored after those 232 bytes and can vary in size, depending on the size, type and complexity of the font characters. Every additional font added to the collection is 212 bytes long if without any character data. Font Header OffsetLengthDescriptionSample Value 0 1 Character 19 (13h) 13 1 18 Fix String TheDraw FONTS file 19 1 Character 26 (1Ah) 1A 20 4 Fix 4 Bytes Sequence Indicating the[…]
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