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Copyright ??? Past, Present and Future

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Published on: November 6, 2014
I wrote this document over 4 years ago, but never published it really, until now, because I believe that it is still current and at relevant for most people today. Carsten Cumbrowski, Fresno, CA, November 2014 The current copyright laws are so messed up that it is impossible for an average person to make heads or tails out of them, that it requires a highly specialized person or better even group of persons who can up with the best tale to tell, to convince a judge, who is also unable to make up heads and tails in most curt cases what the head is and what the tail (or who) and thus, who has to be right and who could possibly not.?? I was affected by the copyright laws myself in more than just one single case and also made in more recent days more and more eyewitness account of events that I would have a hard time believing myself, If I would not have seen them happen with my own pair of eyes. I was talking about some of those experiences already in the past at my personal blog and elsewhere and actually wanted to something about this subject. This is now my first attempt of doing just that.?? I collected a lot of??material and information to the subject of copyright laws and the problems with them in the current society over the past few years*1, which are the basis for this article. I put it on ???Google Docs???[…]
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