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Animations for OSDM ??? Oldskool Demomaker (Tutorial)

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Published on: May 21, 2010
Here is a little tutorial for OSDM. I will add it later to the OSDM Wiki as well. Oldskool Demomaker does not support animated GIFs or any other animation/video format, but it is capable of rendering something like an animation via the work-around, which is called ???Frame Animation Images???. This is basically a generic flat image in PNG, JPG or other format supported by OSDM, which contains all frames for the animation. The only thing you have to do is tell OSDM how many frames the image contains and it will automatically slice up the image into equal size pieces, which are then shown one after another, with the speed of changing from one frame to another, depending on the value for ???delay??? that also needs to be specified for a frame animation image. The Logo feature supports ???Vertical Frame Animations??? and the Sprites and Bounce Bobs features support ???Horizontal Frame Animations???. The difference between the two is how the frames are arranged within the image; Vertical means on top of each other and horizontal means that they are arranged next to each other. Example: Frame animation image dimensions: 200??200 pixels, Number of frames: 2 – Vertical Frame Animation Frame Size: 200??100 pixels or – Horizontal Frame Animation Frame Size: 100??200 pixels Creating Frame Animations Now, those frame animation images are hard to create by hand, because you have to be very precise. It is also virtually impossible to proper align the content within each frame to get a smooth[…]

OSDM Demo Tutorial ??? New World Order

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Published on: April 17, 2010
I wrote a couple months ago a tutorial for the OSDM Wiki for the creation of my Oldskool Demomaker multi-part demo production ???New World Order???. Unfortunately does it appear to be the case that the tutorial was not indexed by search engines like Google yet, so I decided to republish it at my personal blog once more that people will be able to find it, if they are searching for content like this. Overview New World Order??? – Multipart Demo by Roy/SAC Created in January 2010 with the Oldskool Demomaker (OSDM) V2.01.140 by Peace/Testaware Watch the Video Capture of the Demo and download the Win32 executable here. OSDM Settings File Location: Data\Prefs\Roy – NewWorldOrder-fs.ini (zip download (6.84 KiB) Download All Resources, Images, Objects, Ini, Screen Shots, Tutorial in TXT format and Win32 Exe of the Demo in one ZIP archive here NWO NWO (4.9 MB) The Demo Parts First a break-down of the individual demo parts and which OSDM effects were used for each of those parts. 1. Roy/SAC is Back – Bounce Bobs Effect 2. Roy/SAC Proudly Presents – Sprites Effect – 3D Ball Effect 3. NWO Logo Animation – Sprites Effect 4. Vector Stars – 3D Vector Effect 5. Text and Copper Bars – Mask Effect – Star field Effect – Copper Bars Effect – Amiga Text Effect 6. 3D Balls Carpet – Plasma Effect – Star field Effect – 3D Ball Effect 7. Big Scroller – Plasma Effect – Star field Effect – Scroll Text[…]

Dynasty (DNS) ??? German PC Games Warez Release Group

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Published on: February 24, 2010
In April 1996 three of the four largest and active game warez release groups at the time, Dytec ??? Dynamic Technologies, Vortex and EOD ??? Empire of Darkness merged into a single mega release group called ???Dynasty???. I was co-leader of the Dytec PC section at the time and took an active part in this mega-merger. Dynasty has no homepage today so I decided to put up a page on my web site, where you can read about the creation of the group and also find historic artifacts like Dynasty Crack Intros, CD-Rip Installers, ASCII, ANSI and Pixel Art etc. I thought that this might be a good idea and is part of my continues efforts to preserve scene history for the future. The page can be accessed via this link. Below is a screenshot of the top part of that new page. Dynasty Media Pack Release I also created a media pack release, which contains all the art work and intros created for Dynasty. The pack is much larger than the one that I created earlier for the release group Dytec, because I also included Video captures of the Intros and MP3 recordings of the tracker modules this time. It is still ???only??? about 98 MB in size and what are 98MB nowadays? The NEW – DNS – Dynasty Group Media Collection. Included in this collection are: 7 Dynasty MS DOS PC Intros 2 Dynasty MS DOS CD-RIP Installers 9 Video Captures of Intros and Installers in AVI Format[…]

Roy/SAC Does NOT Automatically Mean SAC

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Published on: February 17, 2010
I had once more some email back and forth with a fellow scener about my OSDM stuff, which seems to create an issue for some folks out there. I never understood what the problem is with my fun releases that I only create for the sake of them while enjoying doing it and showing it to other OSDM fans who are able and willing to appreciate it. I then throw the stuff simply out there that anybody who might be interested in it can look at it too. It???s not a secret ???hobby??? of mine. I am pretty open about it all the time. I already posted about my thoughts about the issue of using a tool such as OSDM in general, the few at what coding is today and what is today different than it was 10-15 years ago. So I won???t go into that subject again right now, because I think that I understood today what the other issue is what some folks seem to have, which does not seem to be about the use of such tool as I believed it to be, but about who creates it and how it is presented. (What Appears to Be) The (Real) Issue It did not occur to me that people would mix my personal OSDM stuff with official SAC productions and releases, something that I also not knowingly encouraged to do. I avoided to reference to my OSDM stuff within the official SAC content on my Website, which resides[…]

Roy/SAC Megatro II Intros Pack Release

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Published on: February 6, 2010
I was very productive over the past few months. It was just December last year that I released my ???Megatro Vol1??? intros pack with 28 Oldskool Demomaker productions of mine. I learned new stuff with the tool and enhanced some of my older intros and also branched out into new territory, the creation of multi-part mini demos with OSDM rather than just simple single part intros/cracktros. You can find a whopping 7 of such multi-part demos in my new Megatro II release. Then there are also a bunch of new intros/crack intros that I created and even a nostalgic release for the Commodore 64 classic ???Giana Sisters???. The interface was like the one for the first release programmed by myself in Pure Basic. I made a lot of changes to it and enhancements that you will hopefully notice and appreciate. Another difference to my first Megatro release is also the fact that this pack is running in ???windowed mode??? instead of ???full screen???. The main reason for that is that some of my new productions utilize the ???Skin Window??? feature of OSDM, which creates a custom frame for the intro or demo to run within. I did not want to switch between full screen and windowed mode all the time in an unpredictable manner and instead decided to run all productions in windowed mode this time. The NFO viewer within the interface was also improved. What I did not do this time, was to create a special intro just for[…]
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