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Date : December 1, 2014


TheDraw ANSI Fonts Update for December 2014

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Published on: December 1, 2014
New TheDraw .TDF ANSI & ASCII Fonts for the Month of December 2014 Well, we left the 700 mark far behind us and moving quickly forward to the 800 mark, well, technically we are already beyond that mark as well, if we would consider each font within a multi-fonts set as single “font”. Last month was the most productive month of all with regards to new additions as well as extensions of already existing fonts. I also used some of the fonts for some new ANSIs of mine. Check out these: ANSI Editor Programming Novella I am also making progress with my “Ansi Text Editor (ATE)” tool. I just solved a major resources problem, which caused the tool to eat up enormous amounts of memory and then eventually crashed. Well, yeah, it had to do with the fact that there are hundreds of ANSI fonts to manage, but still…. I was first so na??ve to believe that an application has automatically write permissions to its own program directory. I wanted to store the index in simple text format and the previews as plain bitmap files, but nope, you cannot. My second approach was to dump stuff somewhere into the App Data hell hole, which opened a whole other can or worms for me. Even the “Application Setup Management Wizard” warned and discouraged me to dump stuff there, which I found a little bit disturbing (p.s. the \Users\USERNAME\AppData\… used to be “\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\…” and “\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\…” in[…]
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